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    Friday News You Can Use

    It’s Friday and lots of you told me how much you enjoyed me digging through the Budget Smart Girl archives and finding past posts to include in News You Can Use. I had people who have been subscribers from the very beginning tell me they enjoyed seeing these articles again. Others, brand new to the site, appreciated me bringing these tips and hints to their attention. So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled out three more. It’s time to getting gardening and this first link will take you to a post from 2008. Isn’t it funny how old topics become new again and this one also from 2008, tells you…

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    Money Challenge-Day 23-Grow Your Own

    Are you growing your own food? While you can’t grow everything, there are things like vegetables, herbs and fruits like strawberries, apples and cherries. Think about what you can grow this year and beyond. And another shameless self promotion from me. I just released the Budget Smart Girl Garden Planner. If you’d like the digital version, head to the BSG store via this link Or if you prefer a physical copy here’s the link to the book that’s on sell at Amazon-

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    Friday Round-Up-Translations and a New Book

    Hard to believe it’s almost April. Do you feel that some weeks fly by faster than others? I think if you’re busy then the week is gone before you realize it. I got more of my books translated and they’re now in the process of being published and sent to various platforms. I also got my complete manuscript checklist product finished and loaded to my store. It’s a run down of checklists that apply to all things writing a novel, character, plot, dialogue… and takes you through a series of questions to ask yourself. I like to think of it as having a writing mentor go through your manuscript with…

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    Growing Your Own Food-Post One

    If you’ve followed Budget Smart Girl for the last few years you’ll know I’ve made some feeble attempts at growing vegetables in the backyard…well apart from the rhubarb which I’m happy to say is looking great right now. However, this year as you’ve seen in previous posts I’m determined to get it right, and I’m off to a pretty good start. I started lots of seeds indoors in March (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumber, broccoli and Brussels sprouts). Some seeds I’ve direct sown into the raised beds. Veggies like carrots, beets, parsnips, bush beans and yes, even melon. The rest I’ve purchased as plants, zucchini, edamame, peas, and all the herbs I’m growing along with the…

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    Getting Ready to Garden

    Winter can be a frustrating time for us avid gardeners. This year I’m determined not to let cold weather (and fingers crossed, another late spring), hinder my attempts to get a vegetable garden planted. Many years ago I was freelancing for a local magazine and got assigned the topic of what gardeners can do while they can’t get outside. My editor arranged for me to meet with the head designer at a very upscale gardening store. I went in there thinking I’d come out with lots of tips I could pass along to readers when in fact I came away with just one. Pick up some gardening books and use…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to More Dirt Cheap Gardening

    While it doesn’t feel like gardening weather where I live, hopefully, in a few weeks or so everyone will be heading outside to tackle this year’s outdoor projects. Here are some more tips for getting a beautiful garden without breaking the bank. Start with Seeds One great way to get beautiful blooms at bargain prices is to start them from seed. One trick I was told to successful seed growing is bottom heat. And a good spot is the top of your refrigerator. Make sure you keep them watered too, especially when you first plant them. Sometimes I’ve forgotten to water them for a day or two and the seeds…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Gardening

    Looks like spring has finally sprung and our thoughts turn to the yard and garden. The cost of getting and keeping a beautiful yard can be pricey, so this and next week’s Budget Smart Girl’s Guide is devoted to, excuse the pun here, dirt cheap gardening. A Garden on the Cheap This week I’d like to welcome a guest expert. Lance Walheim, gardening expert and writer at www.bayeradvanced.com. Walheim offers the following eight tips on how to have a great garden for $50 or less. 1. Consider a standout area of your yard to make the flower garden. Placement is key. It’s easy to end up with flowerbeds in tucked…

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