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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Changing Your Shopping Style

    I’m a writer and therefore I eavesdrop while I’m out and about. One thing I hear all the time is a conversation that goes something like this- Cashier ‘Did you find everything you were looking for today?’ Shopper ‘I did and more. In fact, I only came into the store for one thing and I’m leaving with an armful/cart load’. Does it sound familiar? It’s easily done, but it can create a budget crisis. Shopping for groceries without a list, and impulse buying at the department store are probably the top two reasons most of us spend more than we actually earn. Are there ways around this dilemma? Psychology 101…

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    Ways To Make Money While You Shop

    Does it seem like putting food on the table is taking, and please excuse the pun here, more of a bite out of your budget? The other day while I was shopping, I realized that within the last month or so, many of the items I buy on a regular basis have jumped up in price, some by almost a dollar. However, there are ways you can turn some of your purchases into free money and free gifts. If you already use coupons, you probably know there’s also something called a refund that can help stretch your budget. Some Work Involved I’ve found that it does take more time and…

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    More of the Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Hair Color

    I hope that you’ve been putting some of the tips from last week’s Girl’s Guide into action and as promised, here are some more- Tips and More The following tips are from Sandy Taylor Furst, President/CEO of Style Like A Pro www.stylelikeapro.com Scrub only your scalp, never the ends. Only massage the shampoo through the ends because they’re older and more environmentally stressed. When conditioning your hair, only condition from mid-shaft through the ends because your scalp and root hair is fresh and doesn’t need conditioning. Rinse your conditioned hair for eight seconds, rinsing longer just conditions the drain. Rinse until the hair feels silky not slimy or squeaky clean.…

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    Save Money and Save your Health

    One way to save money on food and boost your health at the same time is to cut out down on the amount of meat and animal products you eat. Just Another Meatless Monday There’s a site called Meatless Monday and while its goal is to help prevent Americans from getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer, it’s a great resource for anyone who wants to cut down on meat to save money. Check it out at www.meatlessmonday.com. If you’ve never tried vegetarian recipes before, this site has a bunch of good ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s Not Just About Veggies I know lots of people think that…

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    The Blog-It Pays to Recycle

    Yes, it literally does pay you to recycle now. A few months ago I was reading about a new program called RecycleBank. Just like a garbage service they stop by your house, empty your recycling bin and record how much recycling you have and then depending on the amount, you earn reward points to exchange for goods and services in your area, or at some online merchants. I was so intrigued, and as I’m an avid recycler anyway, I thought I’d definitely sign up for this program. Seems like the local garbage service read my mind because last week I received an automated phone message from them telling their customers…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Hair Color

    I have this philosophy that if your hair looks and feels good, you feel good about everything else in your life. One thing that makes my hair feel good is getting it highlighted. My obsession with highlights all started when I was visiting a friend in LA, got my hair cut and the stylist suggested highlights. On the urging of my friend, I took the plunge and have been hooked ever since. These days I’m paying a lot more for the highlights than I did back, oh, so many years ago. Having to pay more means that I want my color to last longer. As I’m sure other Budget Smart…

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    Fall’s Best Buys for the Budget Smart Cook

    One of my favorite things about fall is taking a walk through the produce department and checking out all the new fruits and vegetables that are at their peak this time of the year. Apples, squash, root vegetables…the great thing is they’re budget friendly too. Here’s why a Budget Smart Cook should use them in every day meals. They’re High in Fiber Fiber is not only good for our health, but it’s a friend to the wallet too. Fiber helps to keep your blood sugar at a constant level and makes you feel fuller faster. Making a vegetable pot pie from fall produce is a budget stretcher and a great…

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    What’s a Healthy Snack?

    One treat that often finds its way into my shopping cart is a package of peanut butter cups. This might be one of my guilty temptations, but the good news is some snacks can actually be good for us. So if you’re on a budget…or even a diet, how do you make the right decisions about what to slip into the shopping cart? Here are some ideas- Just What Nature Intended Elaine Wilkes N. C., M. A., who is also known as The Snack Therapist, suggests selecting a snack that’s as close to nature as you can find. Go with the fruits and veggies and stay away from anything that’s…

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