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Growing Your Own Food-Post One

If you’ve followed Budget Smart Girl for the last few years you’ll know I’ve made some feeble attempts at growing vegetables in the backyard…well apart from the rhubarb which I’m happy to say is looking great right now. However, this year as you’ve seen in previous posts I’m determined to get it right, and I’m off to a pretty good start.

I started lots of seeds indoors in March (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumber, broccoli and Brussels sprouts). Some seeds I’ve direct sown into the raised beds. Veggies like carrots, beets, parsnips, bush beans and yes, even melon. The rest I’ve purchased as plants, zucchini, edamame, peas, and all the herbs I’m growing along with the veggies.

As far as fruit, I’ve bought two strawberry plants, two raspberry plants and two blueberry. The latter of which was a snack for either rabbits or deer so they’re not looking very pretty but I hope they’ll survive.

I planted everything in raised beds (and even an old above ground pond). almost two weeks ago and apart from some bugs nibbling the broccoli and raspberry leaves, so far, so good.

A couple of things I’m trying are, one, planting marigolds as I’m told they act as natural repellents to bugs. They were inexpensive and add some color too. I also sprinkled Preen weed preventer. I opted for the organic version because I’m using it close to food (yes, I’m being very optimistic here). I also purchased one of the new Miracle Gro feeders that fits onto the hose and has fertilizer pre-mixed in a bottle that feeds into the attachment so I know I’m not over or under feeding the vegetables.

Bottom line is vegetable gardening is all new to me. Although I would like to think that I have inherited some of my great grandfather’s gardening genes. He not only had a veggie garden in his back yard but also an allotment and won gardening awards. Only wish he’d left lots of notes on how it’s all done.

I’m hoping for some success, although I know I’ve aimed big but if only half of the things I’ve planted yield food for not only summer but fall and maybe winter too, then I know I’ve saved lots of money. I’ve also found a new hobby and yes, got a lot of exercise too.

I’ll be updating and posting more as the season progresses.


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