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    Happy Holidays

    It’s almost the end of 2021 and I’ll be taking a break but will be back posting January 5th. I’ll be making some changes to BSG in 2022. I’ve realized I have two types of subscribers and followers. Those who like posts about saving money and those who are either running businesses or what to and learn about earning more money. With that in mind, the posts on the site will be more in line with the old Budget Smart Girl posts while my newsletter subscribers will receive more news aimed at making money so if that interests you too, be sure to go to the web site www.budgetsmartgirl.com and…

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  • Monday Motivation

    Don’t Give Up

    This is our final motivational quote for 2021. Let’s finish on a high note and as we go into 2022, let’s always remember to never give up on our dreams.

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    Five Potential Money Making Trends for 2022

    Are you thinking about making extra money in 2022? Even considering starting your own business? Here are five trends I feel are potential money makers- Security Crimes of all kinds on the rise. You might not have seen an increase where you live, but others haven’t been so lucky. I think people are going to be looking to securing their home, their cars, even feeling more at ease while shopping. Think about how you can help people increase their sense of personal security. Maybe you can teach a class on self-defense. How about setting up a web site where you review various home security systems. Homeschooling Some parents chose not…

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  • Monday Motivation

    What Cards Do You Hold?

    What are you good at? What are your strengths. We all have skills that others would love to acquire. This week, make a list of all your skills and make notes about how you can turn them into a way to earn money in 2022.

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    December Best Buys

    The last month of the year and here are items to look for- Gift Cards, if you’re buying someone else a gift card, look for deals where you get additional cards that you can use yourself or use for more gift giving this holiday season or even for someone’s birthday in 2022. Tools, do you have a DIY project for the New Year or know it’s time to replace the older screwdrivers or drills? Now is the time to snag a deal. Christmas Items, yes, you can get deals even before December 25th but wait until the 26th and you can save big time. Toys and Games, I remember Christmas…

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