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    The Blog-Coupon Savings Galore

    Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend. I used my extra ‘day off’ to try and catch up on getting my office organized and making some make ahead meals. So far so good, but I’m still running behind schedule. Last week was a great week for coupons. I shaved close to $30 off my grocery bill. If you don’t think coupons are worth the effort, believe me, they are. I netted a whole bunch from the links in the newsletter from Hot Coupon World and used those coupons for items that were already on sale at the store. I had a coupon for $1 off Tombstone pizza. The store was offering…

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    A Memorial Day Feast on the Cheap

    I think of Memorial Day as the first of many days of eating outside, firing up the grill, or even putting together a picnic to take to the park or beach. Here are some recipes ideas that won’t bust your budget. Hamburgers with a Twist I know just about everyone loves a hamburger and they’re easy on the budget, but once in a while it’s nice to give them a little twist or two. Yes, there’s the cheeseburger, but how about forgoing the regular slice of cheese. Switch to something with a little more kick, like blue cheese, and placing it inside the burger, so it melts into the meat…

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    A Professional Looking Garden for Pennies

    Gardening is one of my hobbies and sometimes I think I spend too much time outside planting, landscaping, you name it. But just the other day I found out all my effort could be a wise investment. A home with a nicely landscaped yard always sells faster and sells for more money. Seems like no matter how much money you put into the yard, you eventually get the majority of it back when it’s time to sell. And yes, some landscaping tasks are costly, but here are some ways to make the yard look like a million dollars for a lot less. Swap Do you have plants in your yard…

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    The Blog-Some Things You Can’t Put Off

    I took a trip to Home Depot last week and finally found sharpeners for the garden tools! Seems like I’m going to need them because the outside chores are never ending. And on the topic of things you can’t put off, our deck and fence have seen better days and we’ve finally decided to just replace them. I’ve been busy trying to remove all the plants that are near the fence and deck so they don’t get trampled on when the new stuff is installed. It’s more money than you plan to spend but we’re looking at it as a worthwhile investment to add value to the house. Plus, as…

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