Friday Ramblings

Friday Round-Up-Translations and a New Book

Hard to believe it’s almost April. Do you feel that some weeks fly by faster than others? I think if you’re busy then the week is gone before you realize it.

I got more of my books translated and they’re now in the process of being published and sent to various platforms. I also got my complete manuscript checklist product finished and loaded to my store. It’s a run down of checklists that apply to all things writing a novel, character, plot, dialogue… and takes you through a series of questions to ask yourself. I like to think of it as having a writing mentor go through your manuscript with you before you send it out. If writing novels is your thing, check it out at my site…I have my self-paced writing classes there too.

I also decided to write a gardening book…short one that will be part of my Fabulously series. Ways to garden with ease and also on a budget. I’ll let you know when that’s ready. I came with the idea while I was sowing the vegetable and herb seeds. (They are doing well and the broccoli, cucumber, corn and some of the tomato seeds have already started to grow.)

And before I close out the week’s posts, Angela’s signature coaching program, MEconomy Revolution, is starting again on April 6th and will run to June 30th.

It includes:

Ready to go on-demand video modules on topics of: 1) Getting Your Dream Clients, 2) Three Freedom Income Streams, 3) The Customer Path, 4) Creating ANY Digital Offer, 5) Making Offers That Sell, 6) Gather The Tech Easily, 7) Simple Tech Setups, 8) Entpreneur Success Mindset, 9) Leadership Mindset Even for Non-Leaders

Weekly Live Q&A sessions where she will answer questions, participants will report their progress, brainstorm, do a few hotseats and more!

Course group for ongoing connection with others working on the same sort of projects. This is the foundation course that will actually help get to the stage of choosing a niche, knowing what to sell and what to create to build your lifestyle freedom.

Here’s the link to sign up and yes, it is my affiliate one and I will be compensated if you use it and make a purchase.

That’s it for another week. Remember to always live the life you love and I’ll ‘see’ you again on Monday.

Have a fun weekend.

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Remember to live the life you love!

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