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    $2,103 Worth of Products For Only $39.95

    Need quality content for your site or blog? I probably don’t have to tell you that finding not only content but great content takes up most of your time. If only we could get someone else to do it but sometimes that takes a big chunk out of your budget. And now there’s an easy solution and one of the reasons I decided to take part in this great promotion that offers you $2,103 worth of high quality content for just $39.95.   April Lemarr is hosting a huge bundle with 53 online business people offering you products that are going to help you create content quicker and easier than…

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    Five Reasons To Write a Non-Fiction Book

    Have you been thinking about writing a book? Publishing used to be for the select few but with self publishing platforms like Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and let’s no forget Smashwords, there’s never been a better or easier time to pen a non-fiction book. If I haven’t convinced you, then here are my top five reasons why you should get started today- Shows You As An Expert People listen to and buy from people who they consider experts. I’m not just talking about people with advanced degrees in topics, but anyone who has knowledge and the expertise they feel can help them solve a problem. It could be their home or…

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Take Action

    It’s not the right time. I’ll do it next year. I don’t have enough talent to start a business. I’ve never been good with money. You’re not alone if negative thoughts like these run through your head. The difference between success and failure is not listening to them. Overcoming negativity and putting a positive spin on your situation. This week think about what self doubts you’re going to say goodbye to.

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  • Friday Ramblings

    Friday Ramblings-Officially Fall

    Summer of 2020 is now history. I don’t have to look at the date stamp on my laptop to know it’s fall. Leaves are turning fast, and dropping even faster. I love fall, it’s just the raking of those beautiful leaves that I hate the most. I’m working on lots of stuff. So much, that next week, I think I’ll have to sit down and get more organized and figure out what’s the most important project so I can make it a priority. October 5th, two new classes kick off. One is for writing a series or trilogy, and the other, a boot camp for aspiring self publishers. If you…

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    Learn Something New To Both Make and Save Money

    Want to do something that could possibly make and save you money at the same time? My late mother often pointed out that since childhood I’d always enjoyed reading and learning new things. I don’t know if the yearning to learn is something you’re born with or not, but it can save you money, and yes, make you money to. On the saving side, there’s learning new skills that you can use around the house, like fixing a leaky faucet, upholstering a chair, even something as simple as learning how to can foods. These might sound like simple things but over the course of a year think about all the…

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    Life Events Come First

    Yesterday I was supposed to write a post. I was also supposed to promote the Check Us Out Sale. Neither of those things got done because it was a case that life events come first and take priority. Yesterday, I had to make the decision every pet owner dreads. My 22 year old tabby cat was giving me every sign that his journey was drawing to a close. I decided on a home visit from a vet was the way to go but they didn’t have an appointment until mid-afternoon. While I didn’t want to see him suffer for longer than necessary, this late appointment gave me a chance to…

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    Check Us Out Sale

    $5 is all you need to pick up some great bargains… Starting today, Angela over at Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity is offering a check us out sale. Members of her community have gathered together to offer premium content for just $5 a piece. Everything from classes, organizing and clearing the clutter, planners with PLR rights, to live courses on topics like health and wellness. Here’s a sampling- How to start an online business from scratch Autumn Social Media Templates  Inspirational Graphics Thanks 100 Pack Marketing Your Business Bundle Journal Printables And yes, I’ve offering my Write a Non-Fiction Book in 30 Days Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up some great…

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  • Friday Ramblings

    Friday Ramblings-Everyday Stuff Gets in the Way

    Sorry I haven’t posted much this week but it’s been errands and keeping busy with writing and teaching. I’m guessing those of you who are content creators know that some days, there’s not enough energy left to even write a short post. Tuesday and Thursday felt like that for me. Hopefully, I’ll get back on track next week. There are some sales and bundle giveaways coming up too. I love working with my fellow entrepreneurs and I’m often in awe of the products they produce (sometimes week after week). I’m making progress with my new book, still on course for a late November release date. I’m also rethinking the new…

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    Find Fellow Entrepreneurs and Find Help

    Do you sometimes think if only I could find someone to help me set up my business, or a person the offer suggestions on how to grow my business? One of the downsides of working for yourself is you often don’t know who to turn to when you have a question. Or maybe you want to take your business to the next level and don’t know what path you should take. I’ve always been lucky that I’ve been in groups or been on e-mail lists of fellow entrepreneurs. None of us can do this alone. I went searching online and found the following groups and/or organizations that you might like…

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