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    Quick and Easy Cilantro-Lime Rice

    One herb I plant every year without fail is cilantro…I know it’s a love or hate it one but it does add a lot of flavor to dishes, especially quick and easy one like this rice side dish. The cilantro is already in abundance in my garden so I thought I’d share this recipe with you. Serve  it with just about anything from beef to fish, and it even gives vegetarian dishes an extra boost of flavor too.     Cilantro-Lime Rice   Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 45-55 minutes Serves: 6 Ingredients: 3 c. cooked rice* 3 T. fresh lime juice 2 t. lime zest 3 T fresh cilantro, chopped…

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    Budget Smart Girl Tries Brandless

      I recently heard about a company that sells food online. Not just any food but good for you stuff that’s organic and non-GMO. Added plus…I was told everything was $3 and shipping is free when you spend $39 or more. Last week I decided to give it a try.   The company is called Brandless. The packaging is plan and simple which reminds me of the generic products you used to see at supermarkets but I have to say the taste is a whole lot better. I haven’t sampled everything I ordered but so far, so good. The sweet potato tortilla chips…well, I’ll give them a ten. Same goes…

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    Comparison Shopping…a key to saving money

      Lots of people say online sites encourage you to spend more money than you would if you went physically shopping. Yes, that’s true if you give in to all the temptation. However, I see online comparison shopping as an adventure in saving money. Let’s face it, there are things we all have to buy now and then despite how budget smart we are. Yesterday I went in search of food for my cat…yes, an essential. I headed to the site I usually go because that’s where it’s been the cheapest, plus they offer free shipping. They were out of stock from that particular vendor and had suggestions for others. After clicking…

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    Track Your Spending

      Welcome to week one of the summer money makeover Have you decided what you’re going to tackle between now and September 1st? One of my major goals is to track my spending. It used to be much easier when I wrote checks to pay bills and buy groceries because I’d write down what I spent and who I paid, along with how much was in my account. Those days are long gone and with them my organized system of seeing where the money was going. Recently I’ve been reading lots of financial books (reviews of them coming soon), and one piece of money advice they all have in common…

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