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    Why is Good Quality Bread So Expensive?

    I’ll admit it. I couldn’t go a day without at least once slice of bread. I used to think only artisan bread was expensive but these days it seems (at least where I live), prices of all types of bread have been rising…no pun intended. I’ve been buying bread from a discount supermarket and while it’s okay, it’s not that great and a couple of loaves have been shall I say, stale tasting. Over the holidays I got spoiled because the high end supermarket in town sold their artisan bread for 50% off and I got hooked. How come this bread is so pricey I asked myself, after all it’s just flour, yeast, salt, sugar…

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    Happy New Year

        Welcome to 2017 and the new site for Budget Smart Girl. It’s still work in progress while I work on the new graphics so bear with me for a few more weeks. I was able to transfer everything over from the WordPress.com site to this new WordPress.org site but I’m not sure if RSS Feeds and the old Feedburner signs up transfer too so do let me know if you’re one of those people and if you received this okay. So it’s a new year and what are some of your money related resolutions? My main one is to put more money into a safety net savings account. I…

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