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    Soup, a Great Budget Meal

    I can’t think of a better comfort food than a bowl of homemade soup. It also makes a great bargain meal for many reasons- Low Cost Ingredients Most items you use to make soup aren’t that expensive…vegetables and cheaper cuts of meat that usually tenderize during this slow cooking process. A Hearty Meal in a Bowl Thicker soups like split pea or chili contain lots of fiber that fill you up quickly. Soups containing dairy products add a satisfying richness that tricks us into thinking we’ve eaten an elaborate meal. Meal In Itself Serve a soup containing a protein and some vegetables, add some great crusty bread, and you’ve got yourself one…

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    The Blog-Check Those Bills

    My late father taught me lots of things about watching your money. One was checking every bill you receive. These days we’re all busy and it’s easy just to write a check and put it in the mail. However, that can cost you money. Just this week we had two bills that had errors on them. First one was from the dentist. We’d paid the bill two weeks ago and got sent a second notice just ten days later. Second one was the cable company who charged us for a call out visit when a technican needed to stop by to update some outside wiring because of some upgrades the company had done. If we’d paid these…

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    Bargain Foods…that are good for you too

    With food prices set to go up this year…I think I saw some evidence of this at the grocery store the other day, it’s time to start thinking about foods that give you the biggest bang for your buck. Here are some of my favorites- Canned Salmon When fresh salmon goes on sale I buy it in bulk and freeze it, when it’s back to normal prices I opt for the canned variety. Pink salmon is a bargain, even red salmon isn’t that expensive. In the summer I use it on salads, in sandwiches, pair it with sliced cucumbers and it’s one of the best combinations. I sometimes use it with…

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    Stop Wasting Food

    We all do it…buy food, forget to eat it and the garbage bin becomes the recipient of our wasted dollars. Vegetables always seem to be my Achilles’ Heel. Sometimes I’m cleaning out the produce bin and find an item that I can no longer identitfy. So one of my New Year’s resolutions is to make sure that doesn’t happen…or at least less often in 2011. Whatever your Achilles’ Heel, here are some things I’ve found helps keep me on track. Plan Ahead I know this take extra time and most of us don’t have a lot of it right now. However, when you’re putting together your shopping list think about…

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    The Blog-Great Coupon Finds

    Sometimes coupons show up out of the blue. While I was shopping last week I walked by the freezer section that houses the vegetarian food and saw this booklet on a display. It’s for Morningstar Foods and lucky for me I always buy a few packages of their veggie burgers to keep in the freezer. The coupons aren’t just 50 cents or less but one’s for $3. Okay, you have to buy more than one item but like I said these products are great for the freezer. They’re on my top five list of things to ‘make’ for dinner when I’m out of time. The booklet also has a form you…

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    Organizing for the Budget Smart Girl

    I hope you enjoyed the expert tips on getting organized. The biggest hurdle for me is finding organizing items that fit into my budget so here are some tips and everyday items I’ve found and I hope they give you some ideas too- The One Stop Organizing Site This site www.onlineorganizing.com is a great place to start. It has lots of links, articles, templates, etc. So take an hour or so doing some browsing and making notes. It’s Free Someone told me about this site a few years ago http://www.cozi.com/  It’s free to register and use and you can create a shopping list and coordinate everyone’s schedule. They Used to Have…

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    An Expert’s Advice on Organizing on a Budget

      If you’ve been following Budget Smart Girl posts for a year or more you might remember Regina Leeds ‘The Zen Organizer’ who gave us some great tips about organizing our finances. She’s back to answer my questions about ways we can get organized on a budget. Check out her book on organizing and also her new one called One Year to An Organized Life with Baby…looks like this would make a great baby shower gift! Visit Regina’s Web site and blog at http://www.reginaleeds.com/, www.oneyeartoanorganizedlife.blogspot.com   Budget Smart Girl (BSG)-What mistakes do most of us make (especially when we’re on a budget), when we start organizing? Regina Leeds (RL)-People are busy, stressed…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Newsletter-January 2011

    A new year and a new start if you’re thinking about being more budget savvy in 2011. Hope this newsletter gives you some ideas- Buying and Selling Clothing Here’s an all too familiar scenario…you look through your closet and either you conclude you’ve got nothing to wear or you wonder why you bought that dress in the first place. If only you could find a place to buy different stuff or sell the items you already own. Check out www.smashion.com  I’ve listed some clothing and shoes there and so far have sold one item. Best news is there are no listing fees or commission taken out of your sales. Keeping Warm Seems like…

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