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    Money Saving Tip-Why Buy It When…

    Do you have a DIY project, even making something for a special meal and don’t have say, a ladder, a drill or a mixer? Many times we rush out to buy something and after the project is done, it sits on a shelf never to be used again. Before you head to the store or hit the buy button, ask family or friends if they have one they could lend you. If they don’t, then look for rental stores near you. Many have just what you need and you can have use of an item for a whole day for less than you’d pay for it at a store.

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Your Better Tomorrow

    This week think about things you can do to ensure that your future is secure. Is it finally sticking to a budget? Are you finally going to start that business that up till now you’ve only talked about but never put into action.

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    Money Saving Tip-Spice It Up

    Sometimes cheaper cuts of meat, even budget stretchers like beans can be bland. One thing that can make everything taste like gourmet fare is herbs and spices. Things like garlic and ginger can make a bland soup or stew taste like a professional chef made it. Grow your own or buy one herb or spice each time you go grocery shopping.

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Imagine It

    This week let your imagination run wild. Where do you see yourself this time next year, five years, next decade? Imagine yourself as a business owner, the person who’s saved enough money for the down payment on your first home? Imagine it and then live it.

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    Money Saving Tip-Bulk Bins

    I don’t know about you, but I love a grocery store that has a great selection of bulk bins. For a little bit of work, (and yes, sometimes it’s fun too), to measure and weigh your own food items, like beans, flour, oats, granola etc. For this little bit of extra work you can save a bundle. It’s also good for the environment too especially if you reuse the bag or container. Talk about a win win situation. This week, check out the bulk bins.

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    Money Saving Tip-Learn to Sew

    Did you know it’s National Sewing Month? I have to admit I have limited sewing skills. I’ve always handed over shortening hemlines and mending zippers to other people. Maybe you have better skills or maybe you make your own clothes. Either way learning basic sewing skills is a money saver. You save money doing your own alterations and then you save money when you learn to repair torn clothing or yes, fixing the broken zipper rather than throwing away things and buying new.

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    Money Saving Tip-Research Now, Buy Later

    Don’t wait until something major happens like a stove that stops working or a leaking water heater to go shopping for a replacement. Think ahead, have some emergency money set aside and do research on what’s a good buy and what’s not. When we’re forced to buy something that’s when we make a panic buy and end up not only paying more but purchasing something we don’t really like or want.

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