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    The Blog-Isn’t It Ironic?

    Here’s a story I heard on one of my local news stations last week. Seems like lots of people are tired of the ever increasing price of gas and so they’re leaving their cars at home and opting to take public transport instead. Great, you think, they’re saving money and saving energy, but wait, there’s more. The folks who run public transportation for the area think because of their increasing ridership, they now have no alternative but to put the prices up. My first thought, how ironic. And doesn’t it seem like we just can’t win these days? We switch to a cheaper mode of transportation and then get hit…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide To Easy Ways to Cut Your Budget

    These days it seems like it’s not just us Budget Smart Girls who want to save some money. When the going gets tough here are some ways I’ve found to cut your budget. What Can You Eliminate?Sit down and look at your bills, bank and credit card statements. Do you have any expenses that aren’t really necessary? Things like the weekly pedicure, the two meals you had at the fancy restaurant, the daily latte at the coffee shop? Circle anything that isn’t essential in your life. Added Services Most things that fit into the non-essential category include added services, things like cable TV, text messaging on your cell phone. Do…

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    Don’t Leave Home Without It

    Remember the old American Express commercial with the tagline, ‘don’t leave home without it’? Great advice, but the thing I never leave home without isn’t my credit card, it’s my grocery list. In fact, I’m adamant about not even entering a supermarket unless I have my list with me. If you’re currently trying to cut your grocery budget, a list is a must. I try my best to stick to mine, and am proud to say only one or two items not on my list ever find their way into my cart. I’ve gone so far as to create a master grocery list that’s stored on my computer. Each time…

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    Don’t Bite Me!

    If you’re a regular visitor of this site you’ll know that if the budget allows I always opt for natural and/or organic products. So you can guess how excited I was to be sent a sample of a new product called Don’t Bite Me! No, it’s not to keep the vampires away, but designed to keep those nasty mosquitoes and other pests of summer at bay. It’s DEET free, made from vitamin B1 and aloe vera and comes in a patch that you stick onto your body. It’s good for up to 36 hours and is safe to use on children. Seem too good to be true? I have to…

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    The Blog-Creatures of Habit

    Are we really changing our habits due to the bad economy? Seems like in the last seven days or so I’ve read no end of articles about the way we’re changing our daily routines because of the high price of items like gas. I read one piece that said push mowers were in short supply because everyone wanted one. Another article said that bike and scooter sales had spiked and that more people were traveling to work on one of these alternative forms of transportation. Um, I thought, doesn’t seem like that’s happening where I live. The neighborhood is still buzzing with gas powered mowers, and I haven’t seen anyone…

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    A Budget Smart Cook’s Secret Ingredient

    One of the things I love most about summer is that fresh herbs can be found just about everywhere, in the produce department of any supermarket, at farmer’s markets, and yes, your own backyard. And there are two great things about herbs. One they’re packed with flavor, so a little goes a long way. And two, they can make even the blandest of foods taste like gourmet fare. Herbs Go with Just About Everything You can add herbs to just about any dish, everything from sandwiches to pasta If you’re got a recipe you love but you’re growing tired of it, try adding some fresh herbs. One of my favorite…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Wine

    There’s nothing that says luxury and the good life more than sitting down on the patio and sipping a glass of good wine on a hot summer’s evening. I used to think that being a Budget Smart Girl meant that I’d either have to forgo this one little pleasure, or be forced to buy a wine that wasn’t that great. However, as the philosophy of the Budget Smart Girl’s lifestyle is to have luxury but at your own price, I did some research and happy to say you can enjoy a great glass of wine at a Budget Smart price, and here’s how- Don’t Always Look at the Price Here…

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    The Blog-You Know Things are Bad When…

    I received a postcard in the mail last week and I read something that I didn’t ever think I’d see. It was from a plumber who’d done some work for us several years ago. Until August 31st he’s going to waiver his call out fee for his former customers. I’m thinking either he’s being very generous or he’s not getting the work he once did. I don’t know this man personally so I can’t say whether he’s of the generous nature, but I’m thinking times are getting tough for even tradesman like plumbers. Not so long ago the average plumber, electrician, you name it, charged $100 just to stand at…

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    Top 5 Tips For a Green Kitchen

    The folks at Noble Juice sent me these tips and as they’re a great way to save money too, I thought I’d pass them along to you- COMPOST – Nearly 75 percent of all waste in landfills can be recycled according to earth911.com, and kitchen waste is a huge culprit. Consumers can even purchase juice and water in compostable bottles if you know where to look. Noble Juice (www.noblejuice.com) is available in a 100 percent compostable, plant-based bottle that does not contain petroleum like typical plastic bottles! Readers can do their part for the environment – and their garden – by composting organic kitchen waste. Home composting kits are readily…

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    The Budget Smart Cook Goes Sunbathing

    When you’re cooking on a budget sometimes you need to be aware of what foods can offer the best nutritional bang for your buck. One vitamin most of us don’t think a lot about is vitamin D. I remember back to home economics class and that it was known as the sunshine vitamin. It seems that recently vitamin D has been taken a lot more seriously. Last year a couple of studies were published that found a connection between vitamin D levels and rates of certain cancers. It seems people who live in sunnier regions of the globe had lower rates of breast, colon and ovarian cancers. Rickets used to…

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