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    It’s Meatless Monday-The Ideal Day for Chili

    It’s snowing but I can’t complain because so far…she says with fingers crossed, it’s been a mild and snowfree winter. I looked out the window and thought today would be perfect for making soup or a stew. As it’s Meatless Monday I decided to check the offical Meatless Monday site to see what they suggested. This chili seemed perfect. Best thing is it uses quinoa and I had some thanks to the folks at truRoots who sent me three of their products to try.  Someone told me that this grain is even more tasty if you toast it before you add it to recipe. So I did that by heating it in a skillet for couple of minutes while the onions…

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    Three New Recipes to Try

    I always love the recipes the folks at Pringles send my way. Here are three  that look easy to make but I’m sure delicious. I’m told the chicken fingers are especially good. And with fish going on sale next month when Lent rolls around, the fish nuggets will make an ideal meal. Chicken Pringlers  INGREDIENTS ·   2- 6.38-ounce cans of  Pringles (BBQ, Honey Mustard, Xtreme Blastin Buffalo or any of your favorite Pringles flavors) ·   2 pounds of boneless chicken breast or chicken tenders, cut into 1 1/2” nuggets ·   2 cups of skim milk or buttermilk  DIRECTIONS 1.   Preheat oven to 400°F with a rack in the middle. 2.   Place nuggets in milk. 3.   Puree the…

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    Five Must Have Appliances for the Budget Smart Kitchen

    Since my teenage years I’ve been a collecter of cooking gadgets, appliances and utensils. However, if I had to narrow down five appliances that I would keep no matter what, these would top my list. I don’t think any budget smart kitchen should be without them- Slow Cooker Even when they went out of fashion I still used one. I now have two and thinking about adding a third one. I’ve used mine from everything from making mashed potatoes to apple butter. Most of the time I rely on them for soups and stews. They’re not expensive to buy, cost efficient to run, and once everything’s placed inside you can walk…

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    Getting Organized for the Budget Minded

    Years ago when I was a publicist I’d drive to one of my client’s offices a couple of times a month. On that journey I’d pass a store selling everything you’d need to get organized. I’m not sure what it was about the store that drew me in every month but I felt compelled to go check it out. However, the outcome was always the same. I’d come out empty handed and disheartened because being organized was obviously out of my budget.  Always one for a challenge, I took note of the items in the store. I looked around to find things that were either free or low cost to help organize my home and…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Sausage and Mushroom Pie with Carmelized Onion Gravy

    I have to admit I have a weakness for some of the fake meat products. Not all of them, but a few are always stored in my freezer. On top of that list are the Veggie Sausage Links from Morningstar Farm. They taste as close to the real thing as you can get and are often on sale which is when I stock up. Over the holidays I’d bought some puff pastry that was on sale and thought about what I could make with these two items. After looking through my supplies I found a box of mushrooms and some onions. So I came up with this recipe. It’s really…

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    New Year Resolutions for the Budget Minded

    A happy New Year to everyone. I you all enjoyed the holiday season. Now it’s back to normal and being that it’s a brand new year articles about resolutions are everywhere. Most of them focus on losing weight and exercising but it’s the perfect time to think about money and savings ones too. I’ve made a few, like throwing zero food away. I’m pretty good about it now but there’s still room for improvement. I’ll also be making my own gourmet breads instead of paying almost $5 for a loaf I can make for a few dollars, even less…I’ve almost got the cheese bread down to an art! I’ve attempted this one for the…

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