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    Don’t Waste It- Five Ways to Use Leftover Bread

    I hate wasting anything….even more so now that prices are going higher. Besides keeping a loaf of store bought bread in the freezer, I make all my own bread. One downside is because it’s preservative free, it gets stale a lot quicker. Oftentimes, before the whole loaf is eaten. I’ve found lots of ways to put the stale bread to good use rather than throwing it away. If you’re faced with the same problem here are some ideas- Breadcrumbs Save money on breadcrumbs by putting pieces of stale bread in the blender or food processor and then put them in container or freezer bag and keep them in the freezer.…

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    Budget Bytes You’ll Love

    Looking for great tasting budget recipes? Late last year I went looking for sites and books offering budget but yet easy to make recipes and meal ideas and I stumbled upon Budget Bytes- https://www.budgetbytes.com/ The recipes were so great and easy to make that I went searching for the book written by the creator of the site. I’ve been using it for several months Here’s the link for that- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18925340-budget-bytes And finally, there’s even a Budget Bytes store where you can buy meal plans and yes, recipes too- https://shop.budgetbytes.com/ Hope you find something of value in any or all of these sites. Have a fun weekend.

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    Can’t Find It or Can’t Afford It?

      Empty grocery shelves, rising prices… Just two problems we’re facing just about everywhere in the world. Savvy savers have always found ways around high prices and here are some tips- Don’t Be Loyal I know lots of people who will only buy one brand and if it goes up in price they’ll still buy it or if the store runs out, no way will they switch to another brand.  Savvy shoppers aren’t loyal to one brand. If brand A goes up in price, they won’t hesitate to switch to Brand B. The same goes for stores. Don’t be loyal if prices start to go up. Shop elsewhere. Know How…

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    Wasting Money-Take the Test

    Are you wasting money? Everyone’s definition of wasting money is different. Here’s what I consider wasting money and I hope it will help you determine whether your a money waster or not. Following Everyone Else If you buy something just because everyone else owns and wears it or drives it, you’re wasting money. Don’t follow trends, don’t be the person who feels left out when all your friends are talking about the new car they just purchased. Yes, some might be able to afford it, but many times, they’ll freely share news of the purchase but rarely let you into a little secret when they can no longer avoid the…

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    Exercise Can Save You Money

    I should add to this title that it can even make you money…how you say? One of the biggest costs in most people’s budget isn’t always that obvious. It’s not until you go to a doctor or end up with a huge bill because of some illness that could have been avoided, that you realize how much we pay for healthcare. I’m not saying that if you exercise you won’t ever get sick, get an illness or even never pay a visit to an emergency room because other factors like genetics and accidents come into play too. However, you’ll be in better shape should something bad happen. I know most…

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