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    Friday Ramblings-Getting Ready

    Is it just me or has November flown by? I’ve been busy so sometimes that makes it feel like I have more stuff to do than hours in a day. I got the three Black Friday products finished and next week, I’ll start loading them to the site. I was going to use coupons for the sale but have decided it’s a lot less hassle for both me and buyers if I just discount them on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And of course, we’re not only entrepreneurs selling goods next week, but buyers too. Are you looking for anything in particular to go on sale? I trying to…

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    One Week Until Black Friday

    November’s flying by and are you ready with three products to offer your customers? I finally got mine finished, now it’s time to create sales copy and graphics for them. I decided to go with two different products to the ones I’d originally told you about. I have a self publishing kit as I know lots of people are self publishers these days. And with a new year just about five weeks away, I thought it would be a great time to put together a New You package. And finally, stress is at record highs so I have a package that will help people deal with that. All three will…

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    The 30 Days of Learning Continues

    We’re half way though November and the learning something new each day continues? How are you doing and what have you learned? Anything fun? Anything that’s going to save you money? Have you acquired a skill that could make you money by turning it into a side gig or even a business? Still on my to learn list, is making vegan cheese…I ordered all the ingredients and it’s on this weekend’s things to do list. There are a couple of brands I like but they are pricey so I think if I can figure out how to do it myself, I’ll save money, even after buying all these ingredients. I’m…

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    Black Friday Sales

    Two more weeks and counting… Still working on your three products for the upcoming Black Friday sales rush? I must admit that I’m running behind just a tad. I have two products almost ready. One more left to go and then I’ll work on the graphics. One product will also launch my new site that I’ll be telling you more about. If you’re a self publisher or thinking about becoming one in 2021, stay tuned. I’ll also be putting all the products in the store on sale for Black Friday and then have another promotion for Cyber Monday. I’m also thinking about having a 12 days of Christmas sale where…

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    What Did You Learn Last Week?

    Week two of learn something new each day. Following along? It’s not too late to start. In fact, my motto is it’s never too late to start anything. If you have been following along, do you want to share with us what new skills or knowledge you’ve acquired? Last week, I focused on learning how to make homemade shampoo bars…love those things but the price is high. I also watched a tutorial on making your own air fresheners, and one on making lip balm. Also, on my list was making mug cakes. I love baking but I have to be honest if I make a whole cake, it’s a too…

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    Three Weeks To Black Friday

    Three weeks, three products… That’s how long you have left to create and polish the three products you’ll be adding to your store or service line up when Black Friday rolls around…well, that is if you’re taking the challenge. I’m guessing, like me, creating products for your site, might not be your only business. And, like me, sometimes those other businesses eat up your time. That’s what happened to me this week. I had two boot camps launching and needed to get my WIP ready to send out for editing. Both of which left me short on time to work on my last product for the Black Friday launch. And…

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    What Have You Learned So Far?

    It’s day three of Learn Something New Every Day Challenge? Learned anything useful? Something that could save you money, make you money, or something that’s just plain fun? Here’s what I have so far. On Sunday, I learned to make tempeh bacon. Turned out pretty good although I did have to double the marinade and I think next time around I’ll add something with a little more kick to the ingredients. This was in my save money category because if you know anything about vegan food, especially the ‘fake’ meat type products, they’re expensive. While I was looking for a recipe, I think I fell down the learning something new…

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    Black Friday Countdown Begins

    Ready for Black Friday? We’re now about four weeks away from the biggest shopping day of the year. Thought about the three products you’re going to create for your own Black Friday sale? Just think, all it takes is one product per week, and then a final week polishing and refining them and then you’re all set. I worked on my self-publishing product this week, next week, it’s going to be the promotion tool kit, and week three, well actually, I’ve changed to a self improvement tool kit. Remember your sale product doesn’t have to be a physical one, it could be digital like mine, or it could be a…

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    Learn Something New Every Day Begins on Sunday

    It begins on Sunday. Are you ready? November 1st is day one of the BSG Learn Something New Every Day Challenge. What’s on your list? It could be something that’s just plain fun. It might be something that will save you money. Perhaps it’s something that could even make you money. Is there anything you’ve been trying (or dying), to learn but haven’t been motivated enough? The Instant Pot or bread maker you bought that’s just been sitting on the shelf unused because you can’t figure out how to use it or what to make in it? The irritating door that squeaks but you’ve no idea how to fix it?…

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