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Getting Ready to Garden


Winter can be a frustrating time for us avid gardeners. This year I’m determined not to let cold weather (and fingers crossed, another late spring), hinder my attempts to get a vegetable garden planted.

Many years ago I was freelancing for a local magazine and got assigned the topic of what gardeners can do while they can’t get outside. My editor arranged for me to meet with the head designer at a very upscale gardening store. I went in there thinking I’d come out with lots of tips I could pass along to readers when in fact I came away with just one. Pick up some gardening books and use them to plan ahead. I mumbled all the way back to my car thinking that wasn’t really good advice but recently it’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

Pull out your gardening books or head to the library, and start planning what you want to do this spring and summer. It saves time and money and yes, you can dream big too.

And one tip I’ve learned over the last year, don’t leave it to the last minute to buy your gardening supplies, like seeds and seed starting materials. I’ve done that and everything was sold out.

The other day when I was at the DIY store all the seed packages were 30% off so I thought I’d get a head start and at least decide what I what to grow. I’ve decided to go adventurous with things like melon and parsnips which I’ve been warned are one of the hardest to germinate but my motto’s go for it.

My research has led me to some sites I thought I’d share with you-


This site gives you month by month tips on what chores need tackling-


A basic garden planting guide-



Thinking of a makeover

I just found this and will definitely be signing up for the class. Best thing is it’s free!


And these two sites have tips for starting seeds indoors which is must for many of them, and essential if like me you live in an area with a short growing season-




Whenever I have time I tune into Hallmark’s Home and Family show and one of my favorite segments is when Shirley Bovshow, also known as the Foodie Gardner, offers her tips on all things gardening. She has a great Web site too with lots of info and you can sign up to get all her posts, many of which are based on her TV segments should you miss an episode-




If anyone has any tips on gardening related topics, like seed starting, growing your own veggies or ways to save money in the garden, feel free to leave a comment. Also if you’re a gardening expert or know someone who is and they’d like to be interviewed on the site, contact me or tweet @budgetsmartgirl

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