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    Money Saving Tip-Stock Up

    The holidays are just around the corner which means lots of baking and cooking items will go on sale. Everything from flour to cranberries. It’s a great time to stock up and use this items throughout the year when prices go up. Stock your pantry, stock the freezer, and enjoy year round savings.

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    Money Saving Tip-The Price Book

    Do you know if the price of say a quart of milk has gone up in price? How about how much you paid for gas last month.? Or that hair color three months ago? Sometimes we have a vague idea that something’s gone up in price but to be sure, why not keep a price book. It doesn’t have to be fancy, something from the dollar store will do. Write down all the things you buy and include services and memberships and make a note of the current price. When you go to buy that same thing or service in say a month, check on the price. If it’s going…

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    Money Saving Tip-Free Resource

    The majority of cities, towns, suburbs, even rural areas have a library. It’s one of the best free resources you have so are you using it? Not only can you check out books, audiobooks etc. but lots of libraries have staff that know about all the resources in the local community. It could be free classes to learn a new skill or programs and grants to check out when times get tough. Have you checked out your local library?

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Live For Today

    I’ll do it tomorrow. because I’m too busy today. Maybe next year, I’ll start saving instead of spending what’s left over after paying my bills. Don’t put off what you can do today.

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    Money Saving Tip-Don’t Throw Them Away

    Do you use coupons? If the answer is no then you’re literally throwing money away. Years ago you had to search through newspapers, magazines, and flyers to find coupons but now you can find them online and through doing a Google search. Type in what you want to buy and add the word ‘coupon’ and sometimes you’ll find some great deals on everything from clothing to furniture. And, of course, don’t overlook printed press because supermarkets and drugstores still provide plenty of print coupons too.

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Dream On

    I love this quote because it reminds me of something I’ve always believed and that’s you can’t achieve a dream without first having a goal or goals to get you to that dream destination. This week, think about your dream and then make a list of goals you need to work on to make the magic happen.

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