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    Pears with Ricotta Filling

      Here’s a recipe I recently tried out that’s somewhat of a break from pies and anything overly heavy. I bought some pears, and as everyone knows they’re either in one of two conditions. Either perfect for using as paperweights or mushy and only fit for smoothies. I don’t know why there’s never a middle ground for this fruit, but that’s the way it is. So before my purchase turned into mush, I decided to slow cook them. The result was a half descent pear that didn’t fall to pieces. The filling I made is a little more decadent depending on whether or not you use full fat or skim milk ricotta.…

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    My First Shopping Trip to Aldi

    After hearing about the Aldi supermarkets for years, last week I took my first shopping adventure there. It’s a nearly opened one and luckily only about a few miles from where I live. I’m a price shopper more than a brand one so I knew that my shopping style would probably be a good match. For those of you who’ve never shopped there, you pay 25 cents for the cart which is refunded when you take the cart back and you need your own shopping bags which I prefer anyway, plus you pack everything in what’s known as a bagging area. I have to say after my first trip there I’m a…

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