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    Friday Ramblings-The Black Friday Edition

    Hope everyone had a fun and happy Thanksgiving. It’s Black Friday, time to sell some things, also time to hunt down bargains. too. What are you looking for this year? I’ve been telling you about the three products I’ve been creating and debuting today. They are a self publishing kit, a stress and relaxation kit, and also a new year, new you kit. They’re on sale today through Monday November 30th and I hope you’ll check them out and of course, buy them. If you’re thinking about self publishing in 2021, I know you’ll find the kit really useful with all the templates and forms I’ve included and also a…

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    Black Friday Deals

    Here are some business that I’m an affiliate for…so full disclosure, I will be compensated if you buy anything using these links. They’re having some great Black Friday sales… First one Creativebug I’ve been a member of Creativebug for about five years, love their classes and the fact that they are continually adding more. Right now they have a whole bunch of deals going on so take your pick- 3 months for $1 https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1656050&u=1283932&m=42943&urllink=&afftrack= 20 Free Classes in November https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1645953&u=1283932&m=42943&urllink=&afftrack= Buy one year, get one free https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1658783&u=1283932&m=42943&urllink=&afftrack= Namecheap I gradually switched all my domain registrations over to Namecheap because they really do have the best prices. When, like me, you…

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    Black Friday Freebie

    Angela Wills decided to break the “rules” this year and make her Black Friday offer totally FREE! How’s that for an awesome deal? She’s got a $100 course that you can access called Digital Product Creation 101. Just use the link and coupon code below! Here’s what the course covers in short, bite-size video training (these can be watched in double or triple speed if you’re a binge learner ): Decide Your Product Format Setup Product for Sale Create Product in Shopping Cart Create Your Salespage Outline Your Product Gather Product Creation Tools Create Your Product Angela has a knack for teaching things in a simple, effect way so I…

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    Learning Something New and Black Friday Challenges

    We’re in the homestretch for both our November challenges. Did you learn anything new this month? Something fun? I’m hooked on the idea of trying to expand my skill set and while I won’t be doing it every day, I’m going to aim for learning a couple of new things per week in 2021. And how about the Black Friday challenge? Do you have three products ready? I have mine ready to do, but yesterday I got into a panic. I loaded everything into the store, but for some reason, I couldn’t upload the files that customers will download on check out. I thought I’d have to alter my plans…

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    Friday Ramblings-Getting Ready

    Is it just me or has November flown by? I’ve been busy so sometimes that makes it feel like I have more stuff to do than hours in a day. I got the three Black Friday products finished and next week, I’ll start loading them to the site. I was going to use coupons for the sale but have decided it’s a lot less hassle for both me and buyers if I just discount them on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And of course, we’re not only entrepreneurs selling goods next week, but buyers too. Are you looking for anything in particular to go on sale? I trying to…

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    One Week Until Black Friday

    November’s flying by and are you ready with three products to offer your customers? I finally got mine finished, now it’s time to create sales copy and graphics for them. I decided to go with two different products to the ones I’d originally told you about. I have a self publishing kit as I know lots of people are self publishers these days. And with a new year just about five weeks away, I thought it would be a great time to put together a New You package. And finally, stress is at record highs so I have a package that will help people deal with that. All three will…

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    The 30 Days of Learning Continues

    We’re half way though November and the learning something new each day continues? How are you doing and what have you learned? Anything fun? Anything that’s going to save you money? Have you acquired a skill that could make you money by turning it into a side gig or even a business? Still on my to learn list, is making vegan cheese…I ordered all the ingredients and it’s on this weekend’s things to do list. There are a couple of brands I like but they are pricey so I think if I can figure out how to do it myself, I’ll save money, even after buying all these ingredients. I’m…

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