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    The Blog-Get a free e-book

    It’s a short work week so let’s get right to something you’re going to enjoy reading about. Remember Hot Coupon World that I told you about many months ago? One of its co-founders, Julie Parrish teamed up with the folks that produce the Entertainment Book and has written an e-book about how to save big time when you use the coupons from one of these books. The plus…it’s free. Go to www.hotcouponworld.com/free-entertainmentbook-ebook/ to download your free copy. I read it this morning and it’s full of great tips. I’ve purchased a few of these books in the past and thought they were just for saving big time on hotels, restaurants,…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to the Fourth of July

    If you’re looking for some fun ways to spend the Fourth of July but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it, here are some Web sites I’ve found that should give you plenty of ideas. Fireworks Many local park and recreation departments put on firework displays for local residents, so be sure to check your local city or suburb’s Web site. Here’s one I found. Try typing in your city to see what pops up or try Chamber of Commerce or tourist board Web sites. •www.craftsfaironline.com/4th.html Throwing Your Own Party If you’re thinking about throwing your own party this year, here’s a site I found that not only offers…

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    The Fourth of July on a Budget

    It sure feels like summer. Temperatures in the 90s and high humidity which means the Fourth of July isn’t far away. Here are some treats and dishes I’ve found that taste great but still easy on the budget. Drinks Instead of the standard ones like lemonade, try fruit flavored ones. Not mixes, but drinks you can easily put together yourself using real fruit. As strawberries and raspberries are in abundance right now try adding them to lemonade. You can put the lemonade into a blender and add about a cup of chopped strawberries and blend. And how about just adding some fruit, like blueberries, to a soda like 7-Up. If…

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    The Blog-More Dollar Bargains

    If you’re not a Twitter fan you might have missed me posting about the free exercise DVD in specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s Special K cereal. This one features three of the 10 Minute Solution exercise programs. I’m skeptical about free exercise DVDs but have to say this one is great. 30 minutes of exercises that target waist and thighs. Don’t know if I’m out of shape or what, but after doing the waist program, I hurt the next day. I checked out more items in the dollar aisle at the supermarket. Seems like they bring in new products every week. I found the dishwasher powder and cubes again. They…

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    Inexpensive Things To Do This Summer

    Staycation is the new buzz word this year. If you’re staying close to home this summer, here are some ideas for having fun while saving money. Visit Craft Fairs I love checking out craft fairs not only because I like to see what people are making and selling but you can also pick up inexpensive gifts for birthdays and holidays. Find one near you at www.craftsfaironline.com If you’re a crafter this site also has some great links too. It’s Raining…it’s too hot If it’s raining or just gets too unbearable outside, head to your nearest cinema. Great news is many theatres have cheap summer deals. Check our AMC Theatres $1…

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    Ways to Save Money on Organic Foods

    I have to admit I’m a fan of organic foods, but as you know I also like to save money too. Here are some ways I’ve found to strike a happy balance between the two. What’s Important to You? What are some of your family’s favorite foods? What foods do you eat on a regular basis? If one particular food is on the top of the list, then maybe that’s the one you should think about buying in an organic version. Sticking with a food budget often means looking at what’s a priority for you. If eating more organic food is important, then rethink your budget. Maybe switch to a…

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    The Blog-More Than One Use

    I spent most of the weekend in the yard putting the finishing touches to the new flowerbed I created earlier this year. It was time to buy some mulch so I headed to Home Depot. They have a Cyprus mulch that is just $2.75 a bag that covers 2 cubic feet and this stuff is great for the money. It’s better than wood chips, the color is great and it goes a long way. I bought a dozen bags thinking it would just be enough for all the areas I wanted to fill and ended up with two bags more than I needed. They didn’t go to waste because I…

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    Sites Worth Checking Out

    Here once again is a list of sites I’ve stumbled upon or had e-mailed to me. Hope you find something of interest and a way to save more money. Help the Environment…find some recipes A link to this site arrived in my mailbox this week. Even if you’re not interested in green issues, it’s worth checking out for its tips on gardening, especially growing your own foods. Plus, it has some recipes too. Click on the learn tab. www.climatecrossroads.org Organic and Green Products Seems like finding a coupon or discount for an organic or green product is next to impossible, but I stumbled upon this site www.sustainlane.com/green-saver-discount-coupons/ Need Gardening Help?…

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    The Blog-Use the Internet for Big Savings

    The other day I was sorting through some old cookbooks and out fell a recipe I’d clipped for Split Pea Tortellini Soup. It contains all dried ingredients that you can store in a jar and make the soup when you feel like it. So why had I clipped it and not tried it yet? One of the ingredients is dried carrots and I had trouble finding them at the store. I’ve been in the mood for putting together ready-made meals and this recipe just looks too good to pass on so I did some searching online. I not only found companies selling dried carrots but lots of other goodies that…

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    Cooking Quick Tips, Shortcuts, and Tricks

    ‘If I only had more time or another pair of hands’. Most of us mumble those words at some time or another. When you’re desperate to get dinner on the table, the temptation to head to the nearest restaurant can be overwhelming. But don’t panic, here are cooking shortcuts I use when time isn’t on my side. Boiling Water You know the old saying about watching milk boil, seems water’s no different. When I’m short on time, pasta usually comes to the rescue. However, waiting for a large pot of water to boil sometimes slows things down. I know the guideline is that water for pasta should be as salty…

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