admin / March 29, 2017

Quick and Easy Supper-Mediterranean Cod

Here’s a quick supper that uses cod (or any similar fish), along with peppers, onions, some herbs and olives for a good for you but budget friendly meal.

In a large skillet, over medium high heat, add about two tablespoons of oil and then add one onion, sliced thinly and one green pepper that’s been thinly sliced.


Sprinkle in some salt and pepper and sauté until the onion and pepper is slightly softened.


Add a 15 ounce can of diced tomatoes.


Stir in one teaspoon each of dried oregano and basil.

Add one pound of cod to the mixture, cover and let simmer for about ten minutes or until the fish is opaque and flakes easily.


Sprinkle in ½ cup of chopped Kalamata olives and 2 tablespoons of capers.


Serves 4.

Serving suggestion-serve with rice and steamed green beans.

admin / March 15, 2017

Are You too Busy to Save Money?

Posting something on the site was on my to do list for today, but then as usual my morning got busier and I thought I’ll put it off until tomorrow.

That’s what I’ve been doing a lot lately, and the main reason the posts have been less frequent over the last year or two.

This time’s different. I’ve forced myself to sit and write something which actually made me realize what the topic of the post should be-

Are we all too busy to save money?

Making the most of our money and budget is all about being on top of things like bills and payments we make every week.

Sometimes I’m so busy that paying bills becomes automatic and I don’t check if I’m being overcharged or charged for something I didn’t receive or order. Other times I’ll think about a subscription I took out or something I signed up for and think, you know I really don’t need this any more. I think I should cancel it when it comes time to renew it.

I have every good intention of doing just that but guess what? I never do because I’m often too busy and forget when renewal time comes around and I end up being stuck with it for another month or even a year. And sometimes I know I can buy something cheaper at the store that’s farther from home, but guess what? I’m too busy to get in my car and drive there.

Today made me think about this more than ever and how being too busy can drain our budgets.

So how about putting cancelling a service or subscription or even trying to get a better deal on something on our schedules. Write it on the calendar or planner like you would any other appointment and see what happens.

I’d love to hear if this works for you and how much money you saved by freeing up some time to manage your pennies.


admin / March 10, 2017

Friday Round Up-Organizing and Decluttering


Happy Friday to you. The weather took a downward turn and it looks like winter is back. I guess last week’s 60 degree temperature spoiled me and I have to face up to reality. Roll on spring and summer.


Speaking of which…

Getting Ready for Canning Season

I’ve been on a decluttering and organizing binge. One of the areas in the basement that was in most disarray was the section where I keep all my canning jars and equipment. After searching online for some ideas, I stumbled upon an item called a Jar Box that’s not only a way to organize your canning jars, but keeps dust, dirt…and yes, sometimes we have the old mouse or two running around, keeps pesky intruders from running over them. While I was on the Fresh Preserving site I also saw they have some other accessories that are on sale. I thought the wooden tags are perfect it you want to give jams and jellies as a gift. And one other thing I was excited to finally see…dissolvable labels. Yay, no more soaking the jars every year to get the old labels off.

Dollar Stores

A related topic of organizing is the high cost of things to organize with, like bins and dividers. One place I’ve come to rely on to keep my organizing budget in check is my local dollar store so definitely pay it a visit if like me you’re doing some tidying up.

It’s Almost Spring which Means…

It’s almost Easter and yes, all things chocolate eggs and candies are in the stores. While you won’t get the rock bottom deals until after Easter Sunday, now is a good time to stock up supplies for future baking. Plus, the price of eggs goes down too. And what better source of cheap protein than an egg.

What’s Your Budget?

Those are four words I’m hearing more of these days. I guess retailers and companies need to catch every consumer’s dollar these days to stay in business. It’s good for us because it means we do have some haggling clout. Don’t be afraid to tell a salesperson that you are on a fixed budget because I’ve found many times they’ll at least meet you half way, if not all the way.

Coming Up on BSG

I’d hoped to put some posts on the site this week but it was yet another week that got away. I’ve been teaching, tutoring, working on books and before I knew it I was sitting down to write the Friday Round-Up. No idea where the week’s go but my goal is to get at least one post added to the site next week.


Have a fun weekend and a money saving week.



admin / March 2, 2017

Homemade Ginger Ale

I come from a family of migraine sufferers so a bottle of ginger ale has always been a staple in the pantry. (For those of you who haven’t tried it ginger ale helps with the nausea that often accompanies a migraine).

While a bottle of ginger ale won’t break the bank, I thought I’d try making my own and use cane sugar instead of regular white or brown sugar.

Yesterday was my first attempt and the results were so good I thought I’d share the process with you.

You’ll need-

A piece of ginger about two inches long. Peel it and chop it and place it in a food processor along with the juice of one lemon.


Add 2 cups of cane sugar…or whatever sugar you’re using.



Pulse for a few minutes and then add the mixture to a saucepan


Pour in about 2 cups of water and let the mixture come to a boil.


Lower the heat and let the mixture brew for about 30 minutes.


At this point the mixture should have reduced and look like honey. Turn off the heat and cover the pan and let it brew for another 30 minutes.



Strain the liquid and store in in a jar and place it in the fridge.

 When you’re ready to make your ginger ale, pour about 3-4 tablespoons of the syrup into a glass and top with soda water a(nd ice if you like). Give it a stir and voila, homemade ginger ale.

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