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    Dirt Cheap Gardening

    Gardening is one of my hobbies. I think of it as not only being therapeutic but something that adds to the value of your property. Having a nice looking garden doesn’t have to break the bank either. Here are some ways I’ve found to stretch my gardening budget- Free Advice One way to waste money and kill plants is not knowing what you’re doing or what plants are right for your area. If I ever have a gardening question or weed I can’t identify I always stop by my local extension service for advice. It’s free, they also have brochures and sometimes classes you can take too. Divide and Conquer…

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    A Cheap Home Makeover

    We’re one month into spring, days are longer, and sometimes it’s nice to give your home a makeover. Sometimes I’d love to do some remodeling but the cost is prohibitive. However, I have found some low cost (and sometimes free) ways you can give your house a spring makeover- Clean Out the Clutter Realtors say clutter is one of the reasons many homes don’t sale. If you’re selling your house, or just realize you have too much stuff sitting around the house, now’s the time to tackle it and maybe sell a few things online or even have a sale this summer. Just getting rid of a few odds and…

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    Fresh, Frozen or Canned?

    One section of the supermarket with steadily rising prices and yes, less than top notch quality is the produce department. So should you ever feel guilty about opting for frozen or even canned veggies? Most health experts say as produce is usually frozen or canned as soon as it’s picked we shouldn’t worry too much because the vitamin and mineral content remains intact. I have to admit I used to feel really guilty if I relied on too many frozen and canned vegetables, but seeing how some of the produce doesn’t look that great I now base my decision on the following- Buying in Season Wouldn’t it be great if all…

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    Eggs, a wise choice for the Budget Smart Cook

    I don’t have to look at the calendar to know it’s almost Easter. The supermarkets are full of eggs and not just the chocolate kind. Eggs are a bargain any time of the year but as we head into Easter Sunday, they’re one of the best deals out there. Here’s why eggs are always on my list of pantry staples- Nutrition Powerhouses When it comes to perfect nutrition eggs have just about everything. Protein, B vitamins, especially B12 and B2, vitamins A and D, iron, choline and phosphorus, And yes, they’re even low in calories too. But wait a minute, aren’t they bad for me? Not so long ago eggs……

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    Places to Sell Unwanted Items

    I”m gearing up for a late spring/early summer garage sale. Yes, they’re a good way to get rid of unwanted stuff while making some extra money but there are online options too. Some places you can sell things like clothes and shoes, while other sites are strictly for swapping things like books and CDs. Either way you get money or stuff you really need while clearing out your closets. Here are some sites I found that you might want to check out. I’ve not used all of them and as usual a word of caution, check out the rules, the terms and conditions before you do business on any site.…

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    Earth Day-Go Green…Save Green

     I have to admit when it was still considered a bit quirky to be ‘green’ I was keen to do my part to help the environment. Things like recycling bottles and magazines, buying recycled paper, composting yard waste, walking and riding my bike instead of driving to the local store. Although my main motive wasn’t to save money, when I think back these are all ways that I probably did manage to keep more money in my purse. Here are some ways you can go green and save green at the same time- Free Exercise Maybe a pricey health club membership is out of your reach right now, but there’s something that’s free and can…

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    Ten Ways to Eat Organic Foods on a Budget

    I have to say if I had my preference I’d opt to buy organic produce but sometimes the prices are twice as much as the regular variety. However, I have found some ways that you can buy organic foods even when you’re watching your money. Local Farmer’s Market Spring is here and summer’s just around the corner which means more farmer’s markets setting up shop for the year. These venues are some of the best places to buy organic produce and even other organic food items like honey. Best thing is the vendors are willing to give you a deal and you can buy in bulk and save more money. Community…

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