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    Throwing a Super Bowl Bash on a Budget

    Whether you’re just going to watch the game with a few friends or having a Super Bowl bash, here are some of my favorite recipes that won’t break the bank. The Chili Bowl Chili’s a great bargain meal any time and also a dish that’s idea to serve to a crowd. And another great thing about chili is leftovers can be frozen or served as a topping for baked potatoes. Here’s one chili recipe I came up with one day when I was in a hurry to get something on the dinner table. Chicken Chili with Cheese Cilantro Bread Serves 6 You have a couple of options when you make…

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    Valentine’s Day for the Budget Savvy

    Seems like celebrations creep up on us faster than we expect. And yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’m guessing some budgets might be recovering from the recent holiday season, but don’t panic, you can still find something to give to your loved ones. Here’s what I found- Chocolates If you or someone you know is a chocoholic, I don’t have to tell you the number one spot for great chocolate is Godiva. I can’t walk by one of their stores without going inside and at least doing some ‘window shopping’. Most of their chocolates used to be out of my price range, but here’s one good thing…

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    The Blog-Sometimes I Can’t Resist Buying One

    Don’t know about you, but sometimes I can’t resist buying one of the handy gadgets you see advertised on TV. The words ‘save you time and money’ gets this Budget Smart Girl every single time. I’m more cautious about handing over my money for these types of products now, but once in awhile I’m still willing to give something a try. So what got my interest this time? The new Point and Paint system. Anyone else seen the ads? Some of you might remember that I’ll be giving my kitchen a makeover this spring and I have walls to paint. Not just regular walls, but ones that are way, way…

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    Getting Organized on a Budget Smart Price

    Getting organized is always on both my do and New Year’s resolution lists. One thing about being organized is it’s saves you money. I can’t remember how many times I’ve lost something under a pile of papers on my desk, rushed out to buy another one, and then found the original one the next day. Disorganized yes, budget smart, no. I try my best, but sometimes it’s the price of all those fancy organizers that hinder my progress. So I turned to expert help. Laura Leist CPO, CRTS, is a Seattle based professional organizer and also founder and president of Eliminate Chaos www.eliminatechaos.com. Her book Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process…

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    The Budget Smart Girl Newsletter

    Issue 1, Number 1, January 2009 Welcome to the debut issue of the Budget Smart Girl Newsletter. Thank you to everyone who subscribed. The response has been overwhelming and I didn’t think we’d grow this fast this soon. In fact, I’m now looking at a different newsletter delivery service to handle sending the newsletter to you each month, so stay tuned. And as requested by many, the first few newsletters will go up on the Budget Smart Girl Web site on the same day the newsletter is mailed out. Each month I hope to give away a prize/gift which will be for subscribers only. You probably already know that this…

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    The Blog-It’s Free and It’s in Your Neighborhood

    What’s the saying about there’s no such thing as a free lunch? That might be true, but when it comes to finding free resources in this tough economy, just check your own community. Last week I stopped by the library to pick up some books. I also grabbed a copy of their Events and Classes catalog that lets you know what’s happening in libraries around town in the next three months. First of all, all these classes are free. Secondly, I was amazed at the variety of topics offered these days. For example, if you need to brush up on your job hunting skills they have a class for that.…

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    Get A Work Out on A Budget

    About six years ago when my husband lost his job, we sat down and looked through our bills to figure out what we could eliminate to save money. Top of our list was the membership to the local health club. We used it on a daily basis, but knew we could easily live without it. Yes, it took some getting used to, but here are some ideas I came up with. There’s Always An Alternative One of the main things I missed was using the club’s indoor track during the winter. Every lunch hour I’d head to the club with my Walkman and listen to music while I walked one…

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    Food Resolutions for the Budget Savvy

    Food resolutions don’t always have to be about dieting. Finding ways to trim your grocery bill in 2009 is definitely something to think about this week. Here are some things I’ve already been doing for the last six months or so. Buy Less Brand Name Foods My groceries now consist of at least 50% of supermarket brands and I’d say I save between 25 cents to a $1 per item. It doesn’t seem like a lot but I’ve been buying supermarket brand name cereals, canned vegetables, peanut butter, milk and eggs, and these small amounts add up when I reach the checkout. And with the money I save, I’m able…

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    How to Stay Strong in a Weak Economy

    One of the first things most of us cancel during tough times is a health club membership. If you’re one of those people but still want to keep in shape, you have lots of alternatives. A couple of years ago, I interviewed NY-based Austrian fitness expert Stefan Aschan for an article I was working on and he’s been a great source of fitness and nutrition tips ever since. I asked him to share some of his tips for working out when money’s tight. And later this week I’ll be posting another article on inexpensive ways to keep in shape. Do check with your doctor before you try any new exercise…

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    The Blog-I’m Twittering

    I hope the Holiday season was good to you, that you got some rest and you’re ready to save money, and yes, even make more money in 2009. The Budget Smart got mentioned in some major publications recently and Kimberly Palmer, a senior editor at U.S. News and World Report named this site one of the 6 Money Websites to watch in 2009. Thank you Kimberly for your vote of confidence. In fact, one of my goals for the New Year is to make Budget Smart Girl one of the best resources for finding ways to save money while still living the life you want. So what have I been…

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