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    Friday Ramblings-Short Post

    I’m going to make this a short Ramblings as I’ve only just been able to get back online. You don’t realize how much you rely on something until you can’t use it! I hope everyone’s had a great productive week and working on the three new products for Black Friday. See you again on Monday. Have a fun weekend and remember to live the life you love.

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    Countdown to Black Friday

    Just 5 more weeks until Thanksgiving and you know what happens the day after that? Well, apart from the guilt of overindulging. It’s Black Friday. Are you taking the create 3 products to sell on Black Friday challenge? Having trouble deciding what to create for the sale? Think about what your customer or subscriber needs? What problem can you solve for them? Look at your current line up of goods and services and think about what’s missing? More PLR products maybe? More health and wellness products. You might even think about offering coaching or a membership package. What better way to launch new products and services than Black Friday when…

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    Another Flash Sale-E-Mail Marketing and Virtual Assistant Training

    Another day and another flash sale, and another one from Angela Wills Two different products are included in today’s sale. Both are perfect if you want to gain new skills in e-mail marketing, grow your list, or just overhaul you e-mail marketing plan. Here’s the link for that one- Natural Email Marketer is only $25 until 5pm ET:https://angelawills.com/amember/aff/go/susiep?i=35 Next one is Angela’s virtual assistant training. She’s been a VA herself so knows all about the business. What a great deal and what better time to think about launching your own VA business. I think with more people working from home and launching their own business, you’ll be in great demand…

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    Five Hour Flash Sale

    Two posts in one day but I didn’t want you to miss this great flash sale. Some of you might already know that Angela Wills has moved her web site from Laptop University to her own name Best thing is she’s selling lots of great stuff over the next few days All the products for sale will be at 50-75% off regular price!  Each sale is ONLY 5 HOURS Here’s what she’s offering today- Affiliate Marketing Profit Boosters (Oct. 20th,  12pm – 5pm ET) Money Master Challenge (Oct. 20th,  6pm – 11pm ET) Here’s the link to buy these great products- https://angelawills.com/amember/aff/go/susiep?i=34 In full disclosure, the above link is an affiliate…

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    Places to Learn New Skills

    Are you ready for the Learn Something New Every Day challenge that kicks off November 1st? By now you should have some idea of some of the new skills you want to attain over the course of 30 days. It could be something that saves you money like learning to sew or can. Or makes you money, like learning how to write more engaging blog posts. In case you’re still haven’t figured out what you wan to learn, or even where to go to learn your new skill, here are my top five favorites sites I use all the time when I need to figure out how to do something.…

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    Friday Ramblings-Another Productive Week

    Do you feel some weeks you get nothing done? Other weeks, your to do list is empty by the time Friday rolls around? I can never figure out why I get so much done one week and then struggle the next. Luckily, this week is one of the can’t believe I did all this. I worked on my WIP, got two classes recorded, formatted and published three paperback books. Tutored and coached. And as you know, brainstormed the three products I’ll be creating for the Black Friday Challenge. Next week, we’ll start focusing on both challenges, Black Friday and Learn Something New Every Day so hope you’re joining in. I…

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    Getting Ready for Black Friday-Week One

    Are you ready for Black Friday? Not the buying part but the selling side of the event. Every Thursday between now and Thanksgiving, I’ll be guiding you through creating three new products or services that you’re going to put on sale ready for Black Friday and the holiday season. Let’s start today with our brainstorming session. Get out a sheet of paper or fire up the laptop, set a timer for five minutes and write down all the ideas for products and services that come to mind. Once the five minutes is up, go grab a drink of something delicious like hot cider or chai tea, and relax while you…

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    Are You Ready For a Challenge?

    Want to have products ready for Black Friday? Want to learn something new by year’s end? If you’ve been following along with my posts, you already know that I’ve set aside November for the BSG community to take part in a Learn Something New Everyday In November Challenge. And last week, I launched the Have 3 Products Ready for Black Friday Challenge. Every week through the end of the month, Tuesday posts will focus on getting ready for the learn something new challenge. Thursday posts from now until Thanksgiving will focus on helping you get those three products finished and on sale. Let’s kick off with the learning something new.…

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