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    The Blog-What’s Ahead for The Budget Smart Girl

    I’m taking this week off to organize and yes, tidy up my office. I thought I’d use this blog to tell you about what I’m working on for The Budget Smart Girl in 2009. I’m excited that the site is picking up more traffic each day and if you’re one of the people who stopped by for the very first time; that you’ll be back again and again. I’ve got lots of good stuff lined up for the New Year. Next week will kick off with some ways to make and keep your money saving resolutions. They’ll also be some tips on finding alternatives to those expensive health club memberships.…

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    Ring in the New Year Right…and on a Budget

    This Budget Smart Girl is taking this week off but Penny Warner with Balloon Time Helium Balloon Kits (www.balloontime.com) sent me this great article about throwing a New Year’s Eve party and I thought I’d share it with you. If you’ve spent all your money on holiday shopping and food, try some of these ideas instead of hitting the town. And you’ll also find some drink recipes courtesy of Reed’s Original Ginger Brew (www.reedsgingerbrew.com). Theme Consider choosing a theme for your New Year’s Eve party, such as a Black and White Ball, a Pajama Sleepover, a Costume Party or an all-night Movie Marathon. Or, make it a Nostalgia Night and…

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    Ideal Foods for the Budget Savvy Cook

    Just the other day I was talking to a friend and we got onto the topic of the ever increasing price of food and it got me thinking. Are there still bargains to be had at the supermarket? There are and here are my top picks- Frozen and Canned Vegetables The other week I bought a couple of bunches of spinach for a recipe I was making. Fresh spinach was on special, but after I’d spent 15 minutes trying to wash all the dirt and sand from the leaves, and after it cooked down to practically nothing, I vowed never to buy fresh spinach again. Frozen spinach is probably one…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Five Things To Do List

    The holidays aren’t all about spending money; they can be about saving it too. Here are my top five things that every Budget Smart Girl should be doing right now- Stocking Up Hopefully, your budget isn’t stretched to the max because the last two weeks of the year are perfect for stocking up. Check your local supermarket and you’ll find things like flour, canned veggies, spices and chocolate are all heavily discounted. And the good news is all many of these items have a long shelf life, so now’s the time to grab the bargains. Thinking Ahead Okay, you’ve just got over one celebration and you don’t want to start…

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    The Blog-Let Me Speak to the Supervisor

    Owning a defective product and dealing with a company that doesn’t want to acknowledge it, can not only be frustrating, it can cost you money too. A couple of weeks ago, I was reading an article about ways to successfully get results when you have a complaint about products and services. One of the tips was to request to speak with a supervisor if you find a custom service agent unresponsive. My late father always used that tactic and it worked every single time. I didn’t give the article much more thought, but last week this little kernel of knowledge came to my rescue. Two years ago we had new…

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    A Budget Smart Cook Always Loves the Holidays

    Most of us spend more money during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we have to break the bank. By following a few simple rules you can have enough money over to start the New Year in the black. Oh, and did I happen to mention this is a great time to stock up and save even more? Keep it Simple When you’re throwing a holiday party or even the Christmas dinner, stay within your comfort zone. You’re less likely to have a cooking disaster and be forced to toss food if you stick with your favorite stand bys. Look to Leftovers When I’m planning a special meal or party,…

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    Last Minute Gifts

    Just one week left until the big day. And if it’s not just time you’re running out of but money too, I’ve put together a list of last minute gifts under $30. Send a Greeting If you’ve really run out of time and cash…and not to mention forgot to mail those holiday cards, you might want to check out www.Animoto.com. Here you can create your own holiday video to send anywhere for just $3. Fommy I don’t own an iPod or a Blackberry, but if you know someone who does, check out www.fommy.com for covers for just about any gadget and starting at $8.95. Comfort and Joy If I’m in…

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    The Blog-Always Blame the Budget Smart Girl

    Okay, I always look for bargains, the best prices, and I use coupons when I can, so I suppose it’s only natural that sometimes I get blamed for substandard products finding their way into my house. Sometimes…but not always. The other week I was shopping for toilet paper and yes, I did find some on sale, but that wasn’t what made me buy it. The words ‘extra soft’ won me over. However, when the extra soft TP turned out to be not so extra soft or even a little bit soft and guess who got blamed, yes, me. Luckily, I still had some rolls stored in the original packaging with…

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    Last Minute Deals

    I received this and thought I’d pass it along to you- www.dealnews.com/lastminute is a comprehensive round-up of shipping deadlines as they become available – including standard and overnight – for over 70 leading stores including Amazon, Apple, BestBuy.com, Overstock, and Walmart. According Dan de Grandpre, founder and editor in chief of dealnews.com, the bad economy will be good news for last-minute shoppers as desperate retailers slash prices to drive sales as Christmas nears. de Grandpre says shoppers can expect deals as good or better than Black Friday on some of the season’s hottest gifts, including flat screen TV’s, GPS systems, and many of the toys on Toys R Us’ “Best…

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    Special Holiday Offer

    If you’re now taking your own lunch to work or thinking about it, here’s a deal you might like. Laptop Lunches has a holiday sale going on. They sell lunchboxes and a whole lot more and are perfect for carrying your homemade lunch and yes, saving money. They also make the pefect gift. Between December 7 and December 16th they’re offering 20% off all their items, just enter coupon code Holiday2008 at check out. www.laptoplunches.com

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