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    Pampering for the Budgetwise

     Some days we all need pampering and every so often I wish I was rich enough to head to a spa at least once a week. For now it’s only a dream but I’ve been searching the Internet for sites where you can learn to make your own spa like products. I’ve also stumbled upon sites where you can pick up supplies at a reasonable price and turn your home or least your bathroom into a spa. Here’s what I found- Two of My Favorite Places First up I have to mention two of my favorite sites for finding great bargains. The first one you’ve heard me mention many times and that’s…

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    Six Superfoods…that are also budget friendly

    I recently worked on an article for a major health magazine about ways we can pack more nutrition into our diets without going over budget. It was one of my all time favorites to write and I learned so much.  While I was researching it I came across a list of more superfoods that nutritionists recommend we eat more of. The best thing is they’re also budget friendly too- Broccoli I know most people turn their noses up at these types of foods but you can sneak them into you diet. One of my favorite ways to serve broccoli is in soup’s like vegetable or even cheese and broccoli. If you…

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    The Blog-The Psychology of Selling

    There’s no doubt supermarkets are trying to get us to shop exclusively at their stores. Last week I needed some of my favorite English brand tea and headed to the one supermarket in town that sells it. I shop there maybe once every couple of months. I usually take my own bags for the groceries but it was raining hard and yes, I was feeling too lazy to take them along. When I got to the checkout and started to pack my groceries I realized that the store had new bags and that they were half the size of the previous ones. I could only fit about four or five…

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    More Budget Friendly Foods-Garbanzo Beans

      Garbanzo beans, or as they’re otherwise known chickpeas, is another budget friendly food that I use a lot in cooking. You can buy them canned or dried. I always keep a couple of cans in the pantry. I also cook a one pound bag of the dried variety, using the slow cooker for making batches for various recipes. Just like other beans, they’re full of protein, fat free and give offer a good nutritional bang for your buck.  Here are some of my favorite ways to use them- Hummus One of my favorite treats is hummus. I used to buy it ready-made at the supermarket but the price jumped up so I went looking…

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