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    Friday News You Can Use

    It’s Friday and lots of you told me how much you enjoyed me digging through the Budget Smart Girl archives and finding past posts to include in News You Can Use. I had people who have been subscribers from the very beginning tell me they enjoyed seeing these articles again. Others, brand new to the site, appreciated me bringing these tips and hints to their attention. So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled out three more. It’s time to getting gardening and this first link will take you to a post from 2008. Isn’t it funny how old topics become new again and this one also from 2008, tells you…

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    Money Saving Tip-Don’t Forget Your Calculator

    Our money saving tip of the day is all about looking at unit pricing instead of the overall cost. In many supermarkets, you’ll see two tags pinned to the shelf underneath a product. One gives you the price, the other the price per ounce, per pound etc. With this information, you can compare products and see which offers you the best price. It’s great when that work is done for you but an easy way to make your own comparisons is to grab a calculator. I find myself doing that when I’m buying things on line. Is it a better buy to purchase the 2 pound bag of flour or…

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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 10-Your Three Month Budget

    Are you ready to commit to a three month budget plan? We’ve got a lot of things now in place. We’ve looked at money coming in and money going out. We’ve also looked at temptations and things that might trigger them. So, now it’s time to put all this information to good use. We’re going to set up a three month budget plan. Why three months? Why not a year? I think three months is the ideal way to give a budget a test run. To see what works, what doesn’t and figure out any adjustments that need to be made. We’ll do a monthly check in and then an…

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    Money Makeover Challenge-Day Two

    It’s day two and I thought I’d post some questions we need to ask ourselves as we make our way through the rest of the month. Either take pen and paper or use your laptop for your responses. We’ll do a final check in on March 1st so you can gauge our progress. What would you say is your biggest money challenge? It could be you can’t save even a penny, you have lots of credit card debt or you can’t get motivated enough to find ways to save money. If you lost your job or source of income, how long do you think you’d be able to continue paying…

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    28 Day Money Challenge

    Do you need to rethink your finances? Need to make a budget and finally stick with it? Save for a rainy day? Set up a source for passive income? If any of the above apply to you then get ready for the 1st annual Budget Smart Girl Money Makeover challenge that runs from Feb 1st-28th. 28 days to rethink your money mindset. We’ll focus on why we often fail when it comes to budgets and sticking with them. How to make your money work for you. We’ll look resources to help you with your money. Ways to save money. Ways to make money. I’m still planning this challenge as I…

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