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28 Day Money Challenge

Do you need to rethink your finances?

Need to make a budget and finally stick with it?

Save for a rainy day?

Set up a source for passive income?

If any of the above apply to you then get ready for the 1st annual Budget Smart Girl Money Makeover challenge that runs from Feb 1st-28th.

28 days to rethink your money mindset.

We’ll focus on why we often fail when it comes to budgets and sticking with them.

How to make your money work for you.

We’ll look resources to help you with your money.

Ways to save money.

Ways to make money.

I’m still planning this challenge as I write this so things might change along the way. And a little secret too. This is going to be a test run for a class I’ll be putting together that will be launched later this year.

Do you have any questions, anything you struggle with in regards to saving or even making money that you’d like answered or focused upon during the challenge? Let me know by sending me an e-mail at

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