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Knowledge Is King

How will you gain knowledge today?

The old saying is that cash is king but I think knowledge is the new monarch.

Many of you already know the story about how my late farther was an avid reader and got me hooked on books and visiting the library when I was just five years old. He’d never leave the house until he’d read the newspaper cover to cover. The radio in his car was always tuned not to music, but to a station with people talking about this and that. Even attempting to try and change the station when you rode with him, got a sideways glance that told you that was a bad idea and the words, listen and you’ll learn something useful were uttered if you dare complain about his choice of car entertainment.

That something useful does come in handy whether it’s saving money or making money or just day to day living.

The more you know about a product or service, the less likely you are to make a bad purchase. Research allows you to figure out who’s a good company to hire, to say paint your house, and ones to stay away from.

It doesn’t take too much of your time and in fact, online searching makes it easier than ever. The best way to save money and frustration is to do your homework before you hand over your hard earned money.

All this knowledge can also lead you to a new career or even an idea for a business. I would never have stumbled upon having a career in public relations had it not been for visiting the library and finding a book on the topic.

Today, go find something to research, it could be a product you’re thinking about buying or even how to do something so you don’t have to hire someone else to do it for you. Even do it just for the fun of it.

When it comes to be a budget smart girl, I really believe that knowledge is king.

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