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    Ten Phone Shopping Apps That Could Save You Money

      Just about everyone has a cellphone and new shopping apps you can use on them are springing up every week. Many of them can help you save money via percent off coupons, tell you about daily deals, or provide rebates. Here are ten you might want to check out…   LivingSocial – This shopping app that works on both Android and iOS will help you find local deals that are up to 90 percent off. You can match the deals to your shopping list. https://www.livingsocial.com/mobile Amazon Price Check – This app helps you scan barcodes in person to find out if you can get the item less expensively online…

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    Splurge on Clothing and Shoes?

      I’m seeing lots of articles about fashion week and what’s going to be the next ‘in thing’ in clothing. Some of my clothes are older than I’d like to admit to and I think I’ve always been budgt savvy about making wise purchases. Cheap isn’t always necessarily better especially if you want them to last. So here are some tips on how to decide if something is worth spending more money on… Check Your Closet Look in your closet. Note any clothing that is not a well-known, well-made brand, which you bought on the spur of the moment because it was cheap. After you wear these items and clean them,…

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    Why Timing Is Everything When You Shop

      Timing is important when you shop for bargains because retailers introduce new items to their line on a schedule. For example, it’s a good idea to buy out of season for clothing to get the best deals, and for cars, pick the end of the year when the new models arrive. End of Day – This is especially true for thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. It can work with almost any type of item that is sold via a salesperson who is tired (such as furniture, appliances, and cars), and if you go to locally owned and operated stores. End of Season – Each type of product has…

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    Do’s and Don’ts with Smart Shopping-Part Two

    Here are more smart shopping tips…. Use Cash – Studies show that people spend about 50 percent more when they’re using plastic, whether it’s a credit card or a debit card. That’s because we don’t see that as money even though it is. Get Help – When you’re in the store, ask for help. Customer service is there to help you, whether it’s online or offline. Often, they know about coupon codes and other information to help you get a deal. Sometimes sales people who sell on commission can change the price too. Set a Time Limit – When you do go shopping, set a time limit. You don’t want…

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    Do’s and Don’ts of Smart Shopping-Part One

      Smart shopping takes planning, product knowledge, and patience. You can find everything you want for a good deal if you’re willing to save money and pay cash, take the time to do your research, and don’t get  sidetracked by sales. Read Reviews – No matter what you want to buy, someplace there are reviews and most are now online. If you don’t have a computer then head to the library. Avoid Impulse Buys – No matter what you do, it’s best to avoid impulse buys. If it’s not on your list as an item you need and you’ve thought about how to use, then don’t buy it. It’s hard…

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    The Budget with the Healthy Outlook

      For some people, a healthy budget means reaching for their calculator at every purchase, or viewing the budget on their mobile device in the grocery store. For others, a budget is something they worked on but never look at it again. Having a budget can either mean having an obsessive adherence, or going crazy trying to keep track of all the details and finally giving up. Where’s the balance? How can you maintain a healthy outlook without obsessing or ignoring your budget? Here are some tips on how you can cultivate a healthy outlook regarding your budget. Flexibility For those who tend to err on the obsessive side, it’s…

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    Top Tips for Sticking with Your Budget

        So you have a family budget. There’s only one problem – you haven’t stuck with it! Maybe your budget is nicely outlined and detailed, but sits unused on your computer or in your desk drawer. Formulating a budget is a challenge, but once you have it done, it doesn’t do any good unless you stick with it. Sometimes you need to compromise and be somewhat flexible but oftentimes can tweak and adjust your budget to make it easier for you to stick with it. Here are some creative and even fun tips for doing just that… Have a Look-See Maybe your budget didn’t work out because it didn’t fit…

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    Comparison Shopping…a key to saving money

      Lots of people say online sites encourage you to spend more money than you would if you went physically shopping. Yes, that’s true if you give in to all the temptation. However, I see online comparison shopping as an adventure in saving money. Let’s face it, there are things we all have to buy now and then despite how budget smart we are. Yesterday I went in search of food for my cat…yes, an essential. I headed to the site I usually go because that’s where it’s been the cheapest, plus they offer free shipping. They were out of stock from that particular vendor and had suggestions for others. After clicking…

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    Summer Money Makeover

      It’s not yet ‘officially’ summer but Memorial Day’s been and gone so I thought we’d kick off a summer financial makeover. What gave me the idea? Over at my writing site, I’m setting up a summer writer’s retreat where we’ll get books started or half-finished ones will get completed. It’s running from June 1st through September 1st. Three months to get something done that maybe you’ve been talking about or even just dreaming about doing. So I thought how about something similar here at BSG. What would your financial makeover look like? Maybe you want to finally set up a budget? Perhaps you want to get started on saving…

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    The Added Cost of Fear and Uncertainty

        What if it breaks, what if the car breaks down, or I lose my cell phone… We all have one of those days, sometimes one of those weeks. Put it down to bad luck or the universe not being on our side. We’re human so that makes us worry and companies know that. Sometimes it’s the fear and uncertainty of everyday living that costs us more money than it should. What got me thinking about this? I’ve been reading a couple of financial books (I’ll be reviewing them here on BSG at a later date), and both of them mentioned that oftentimes we pay more because a company…

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