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    What to Buy In August

    It’s August so let’s take a look at some items that are going to be on sale- Back to School It’s that time of year again when everything connected to learning and returning to the classroom is on sale. And even if you don’t have children but run a business, head to the sales. Now is the best time to pick up supplies for your office. Pens, notebooks…you name it. When I was a full time freelance writer I used to go through notebooks and pens like they were going out of style and learned quickly that the way to save money was to bulk buy each August. After Summer…

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    Friday Round Up-Chores

    So far, how is the month of May treating you? Mine’s been busy and the reason for lack of posts this week. So many chores and things that need doing that I lost track of time. It’s a reminder that our lives besides being self employed and entrepreneurs sometime invades on our work week. It’s also a nudge that we have to figure out what has to be done and what can wait. One thing I’m getting much better at is not working on weekends. These days I don’t even look at e-mails until Monday morning. For many years, I worked 7 days a week and didn’t quit till around…

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    Inflation-Be Budget Smart

    You can’t get away from the talk about inflation. How high will it go and how long it will last? Whatever the answer, bottom line is that goods and services cost more and therefore you have less money to spend on other things like maybe a vacation or putting money aside for that rainy day fund. Being budget smart is always about ways to get around obstacles, especially money related ones, so here are some tips to help take the sting off of inflation- Think Ahead Right now I’m trying to think one year, even two years ahead and figure out what I’ll need. Next question, is the product likely…

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    Knowledge Is King

    The old saying is that cash is king but I think knowledge is the new monarch. Many of you already know the story about how my late farther was an avid reader and got me hooked on books and visiting the library when I was just five years old. He’d never leave the house until he’d read the newspaper cover to cover. The radio in his car was always tuned not to music, but to a station with people talking about this and that. Even attempting to try and change the station when you rode with him, got a sideways glance that told you that was a bad idea and…

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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 24- 5 Money Saving Sites

    Continuing with our money saving week. Here are five sites to check out that should help you with most of your money savings goals- This first one is an online calculator you can use to figure out all sorts of budget related things like savings, gas mileage…you name it. https://www.calculator.net/financial-calculator.html This next one is similar to the above but specifically keys in on mortgages. It lets you plug in the numbers and see how much you’ll pay for your mortgage and also how long it will take to pay for your home- https://www.amortization-calc.com/mortgage-calculator/ Ever wonder what’s the difference between accounts at certain banks or who is offering you the best…

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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 23-Five Tips for Saving Money

    We’re in the homestretch of this money challenge. Last week we focused on ways to make money and in this final week, it’s all about saving money. Yes, the reason I started this site way back in 2005. A lot has changed but saving money is more important than ever before. Whenever I was interviewed, one question I always got asked was do you have any money saving tips to share? Here are five of my favorites- Don’t Believe the Words Discount, Sale… Just because a company or store says something is on sale or deeply discounted, don’t take their word for it. Always check yourself. These days it’s easier…

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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 10-Your Three Month Budget

    Are you ready to commit to a three month budget plan? We’ve got a lot of things now in place. We’ve looked at money coming in and money going out. We’ve also looked at temptations and things that might trigger them. So, now it’s time to put all this information to good use. We’re going to set up a three month budget plan. Why three months? Why not a year? I think three months is the ideal way to give a budget a test run. To see what works, what doesn’t and figure out any adjustments that need to be made. We’ll do a monthly check in and then an…

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