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March Preview-PLR Sale

March already, spring (or maybe for you, fall), is around the corner.

A new feature here at BSG is to give you a preview of things I have planned each month.

We’ll be focusing on lots of topics that were covered in the Money Mindset Makeover Challenge including running a business and ways to make extra income. I’m hoping to post something at least four times a week but I’m currently working on putting together new classes so some weeks that might be reduced to three. One of the classes is an expanded version of the money challenge so stay tuned.

This month I’m also taking part in April’s bundle sale. More about that as we get closer to launch day. If you’re a self publisher or thinking about being one, I think you’ll like my contribution to the sale.

And Angela Wills is having a major sale. All her previous products are not only on sale but she’s also offering PLR rights to them.

Even if you don’t want PLR and have no intention of selling the course to other entrepreneurs, definitely check out the Start an Online Business course. If the Money Mindset Makeover Challenge prompted you to start thinking about setting up a business then for just $35, this course would be perfect for you.

And if you are thinking about setting up a web site, blog or launching a business, well, you’re going to need lots of content…believe me when I say that’s one of the biggest struggles for content driven entrepreneurs. You either have to do it yourself or hire someone but if you buy Angela’s online business package, you’ll get content to last you for many years to come and therefore well worth the investment. Think of it as a way to start a business for $500 and I’ll be giving you some clues as to ways you can put PLR buys to good use.

Here are the links and yes, full disclosure, they’re my affiliate ones and I do get compensated for anything you buy using them.

Online Business PLR for 30+ Products, $500 –

Start an Online Business eCourse PLR, $35 –

Organize Your Business Action Guide PLR, $15 –

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