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    How to Ask for a Discount-Part Two

        Last week’s post focused on when to get discounted goods and services, this one is all about how to ask for a discount. Here are some easy to follow tips to get you started- Ask – It all starts with simply asking. “What is your best price on this fridge?” Be Courteous – Smile, look assistants in the eye, treat them with respect and be polite and friendly. If you’re rude and pushy, they’re just going to say no. So it pays to be nice. Remember the saying about flattery will get your everywhere…and let’s add everything to that too. Find the Person in Charge – There is…

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    Creativebug’s Having a Sale

      One of my hobbies is arts and crafts so a few years ago I signed up for a subscription to Creativebug Great thing is with your subscription you can take as many classes as you want, sewing, cooking, painting, you name it. You even get to put 12 classes per year into your own library so if you ever quit your subscription they’re still there for you. I’ve learned a ton of stuff from their site. Yes, even stuff like sewing skills that can save me money. I’ve even learned some art skills and sold a few of my doodles so you can make money too! I enjoy the site so…

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    March Savings

    Here are Georgine’s money saving tips for March- It’s March Let the madness begin! Everyone is tired of winter and looking forward to spring so look for specials on last year’s inventory of golf sets and equipment. You can find some real bargains. As far as bargains go, you can find coats, boots, snowboards, and skis all at major discounts because they are making way for spring merchandise. Shop now and these will all be ready for you next year when you open your closet. Getting married? Or if you need to replace your china and flatware, now is a great time to shop. If you need a humidifier you…

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    Ways to Save Money in August

    Each month we get an opportunity to save money on specific items. With that in mind, I thought every month, I’ll post an article about items and sales to look out for. So for August… Head to the Nearest Farm or Orchard Head to a nearby farm or orchard where you can pick your own produce. With apple season starting this month, it’s a good time to head to the great outdoors and gather up some apples. An added plus is the whole family can pick fruit together, get some fresh air, and exercise. Check out this site for a farm or orchard near you. http://www.pickyourown.org/ Make Some Jams and…

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