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    Turn Your Skills Into An Online Business

    Do you have a skill or knowledge in a particular niche you can turn into a business? I know you do, we all do. Sometimes it just takes a little brainstorming to figure out what that skill or knowledge base is. Angela over at Laptop Lifestyle University is offering a free webinar this Thursday August 6th at 3 p.m. ET called “Turn Your Skills into a Laptop Lifestyle” Angela has put her skills and knowledge to great use in developing a business that’s not only successful but it’s run online too. I know during this webinar you’ll figure out how you can do the same. Here’s the link to sign…

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    Meet Maria Silvo Founder of Artsy Challenge

    I’d like to introduce you to a fellow entrepreneur who just launched a new business. Please say hello to Maria Silvo. She kindly agreed to an interview and has shared so many wonderful tips for running a business that I know you’re going to learn a lot from her. Budget Smart Girl (BSG)-Tell us about yourself and what prompted you to work from home. Maria Silvo (MS)-I am a creative entrepreneur who stayed home since 2007 when my three kids then aged 2, 5, and 7 were better off with me taking care of them. In Canada, day care services is expensive, and so is hiring a nanny. Working to…

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    Should Your Business Come Before Your Life?

    I have a friend, Angela Wills, who started a services-based business and quit her job to pursue it. Within a few months she was overwhelmed, overworked and just plain burnt out. Angela told me she had actually been sitting at her computer for so many hours per day that her muscles had started to atrophy. It was embarrassing and she knew she needed to change. That was in 2007. Angela stopped working for clients in 2012. She declared total lifestyle freedom at that time! She has spent the last 8 years working entirely on what she wants, for who she wants, where she wants and when she wants. Her whims…

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    Friday Ramblings-Last Call for Free Goodies

    A quick reminder that today’s your last chance to get lots of free goodies to put you on the road to financial freedom. Lots of you have told me you’re loving all the resources in this bundle. Let me know what you do with it and how it helped you launch your own business or even take that first tiny step to being your own boss. Here’s the link (full disclosure you’ll be using my affiliate link) https://laptoplifestyleyouniversity.com/amember/aff/go/susiep?i=5 Thank you to everyone who did use the link and a big thank you to everyone who signed up to Budget Smart Girl this week. I appreciate each and every one of…

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    Do You Want Control Over Your Future?

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like never worry about losing your job? Dreaming about being in control of your own destiny? Not having to work more hours each week for the same amount of money? Twenty years ago, fate sort of intervened in my life and I was forced to quit my job. I was scared, I had a mortgage and car payment, and not to mention, there was food to buy. In my heart, I knew working for someone else was something I never wanted to do again. I won’t tell you it was an easy transition into self-employment because I’d be lying. However, everything worthwhile…

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    Friday Ramblings-Hello Summer

    When I was a child summer was my favorite season. The end of school, playing in the backyard, reading, and then going on vacation. The days seemed to be longer than 24 hours and the weeks seemed to go on forever. Summer begins tomorrow which means half the year is almost over so it’s time to look at what you’ve done and what is still on your to do list. Weather permitting, sit outside, enjoy the season, and take stock of everything you need to do to put you on the road to financial freedom. Think about the security of having a rainy day fund for those times when emergencies…

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    Three New Products Just for You

    I’ve been self employed for over 20 years. While it does get easier over time, one thing remains a pain in the you know what. That thing is time. There’s only 24 hours of it and we have other things to do besides run a business. One of my goals here at BSG is to not only help you live your dream, and work toward a secure future, but to provide you with products that can help you do it easier and faster. Flatten the learning curve and shave off some of those time stealers. I’ve been working on three new products and this week, finally got them loaded into…

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    Friday Ramblings-Money Makeover

    It’s June and yes, I’m already running behind with posting here. I’ll be honest it’s tough. I’m sure those of you who have blogs, sites, whatever, know what I’m talking about. Life and other stuff ties up your time. This week, the first session of the summer writing retreat began. It’s great to see so many people who are taking all three sessions to write or at least get started on writing a book. If you’d like to join us, it’s not too late and you can read the lessons any time…they’re delivered to your e-mail. Participate whenever you want and there’s a workbook too. Lots of fun so here’s…

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    Friday Ramblings-Much Needed Rest

    Another busy week and I’m glad that this weekend has an added day for some rest and relaxation. One thing I’ll never sugarcoat are facts about running a business and working for yourself. While I wouldn’t want to go back to working for someone else, going solo isn’t all plain sailing. Life and chores get in the way and that’s what’s been happening this week. It’s spring and here, that means trying to get as much done outside as you can. Sometimes before you know it, it’s September and you have to begin thinking about raking leaves and packing away garden stuff. I’ve found finding a balance is the key…

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    Friday Ramblings-A Brief One

    A really quick Friday Ramblings because I’m in the middle of a project and want to try and get it done before this work week is over. How is everyone doing? What are you working on? What’s not working? Set any new goals for the month and beyond? Leave a comment or e-mail me at budgetsmartqueries.com to let me know what you’d like to see on this site, and what products interest you or can help you with your business. Have a fun weekend and remember to always live the life you love.

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