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    Side Hustles-They’re Here to Stay

    Side hustles, side gigs, earning extra income… Whatever you call trying to earn extra money, it’s a trend that continues to grow. I don’t think we’re going to see a slow down of people trying to supplement their income by doing something like coaching, selling handmade items on places like Etsy, or becoming a virtual assistant. I found this interesting article on Ecommercebytes which by the way if you run or are thinking about selling on sites like eBay you definitely want to check it out or subscribe. Here’s the link and then I’ve included a link to another article on Zapier it referenced- https://zapier.com/blog/how-to-start-a-side-hustle/ Do you already have a…

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    Goal Setting in Quarters

    Getting everything you want to achieve, done, can be overwhelming. I often take on more than I can achieve and end up getting more frustrated. This year, I’ve switching things up a little and I think it’s working. I thought I’d share it with you just in case you want to give it a try. This can work for just about any goal, be it making money, saving money or just one goal, like exercising more. I’ve started to divide goals by quarters. 1st quarter (Jan, Feb, March), etc. I use an overall statement at the top of the page, sort of like the ones you use in a business…

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    Last Day To Buy Your Content Creation Collection Toolbox and More Ways to Use the Content

    Yesterday, I posed three tips on using the content you’ll find in the spring version of the Toolbox that’s currently on sale. Here are a few more ideas- Create a Class People love learning new skills and gaining knowledge and it’s also a great way to pull in an audience. Problem is what do you teach? Putting together a class can also be time consuming…believe me when I say I speak from experience. But what if you could sort through a bunch of content and pull similar topics together and have ‘sort of’ a ready made class? Looking through the list of content in this toolbox, I see lots of…

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    March Preview-PLR Sale

    March already, spring (or maybe for you, fall), is around the corner. A new feature here at BSG is to give you a preview of things I have planned each month. We’ll be focusing on lots of topics that were covered in the Money Mindset Makeover Challenge including running a business and ways to make extra income. I’m hoping to post something at least four times a week but I’m currently working on putting together new classes so some weeks that might be reduced to three. One of the classes is an expanded version of the money challenge so stay tuned. This month I’m also taking part in April’s bundle…

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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 19-Three More Side Gigs

    Have you found your perfect side gig yet? In the coming months, we’ll be going into more detail about all the side gigs I’ve listed during this challenge. Here are three more possible opportunities for side gigs you might enjoy. Once again, this one is a chance to put your knowledge to good use. It would also be perfect for teachers or anyone with teaching experience- https://www.studypool.com/ If you like words, have good typing skills check Rev which hires people to create captions- https://www.rev.com/freelancers/captions And finally, this one is for all the writers- Write & Get Paid – Listverse

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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Step One

    This weekend, let’s work on setting up your side gig, business, ways to make more money. No more looking at words on a page or just thinking…let’s start doing. Today take the first step, here are some things to do and tomorrow we’ll continue. Decide on a name for your business. Buy a domain. Buy web hosting. Plan your logo and think about whether you’ll design it or get someone else to do it. You can use a site like Canva or even go to sites like Fiverr. There you’ll find lots of people who will work on logos and website headers. Check their reviews and make sure you’re both…

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    Friday Ramblings-Caught Up On the January To Do List

    It’s the last Ramblings of the month. This week, I finally caught up on my January to do list. Yesterday, I recorded messages for the new self paced classes I created this month. One is for writing short stories, the other, writing a romance novel. I’ll be uploading them to my writing site later today. Hopefully, all will go well. Would you like to see them added to the BSG store too? I know lots of people dream about writing even if they never have any intention of making a living at it. So if you do have an interest, feel free to e-mail me at budgetsmartqueries@gmail.com My goal is…

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    Friday Ramblings-The To Do List

    How is your werrk turned out? Mine sort of went in another direction when I realized I needed to rework my do list. I had to figure out what was a priority and what wasn’t. That’s another thing that’s sometimes hard when you work for yourself. I now have all my folders separated and named which should make next week a little easier. Remember that next month we’ll start our first challenge of the year here at BSG. It’s going to be a money mindset challenge. Sort of a shake things up in regards to the way we think about money and our relationship with it…stay tuned. And before I…

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    Let’s Get Organized

    Have lots of projects going on and not sure which one to tackle first? Have a to do list that’s getting out of control? Yesterday, I realized even though I’d spent the previous two weeks getting organized (or should I add the word thought in front of getting), I failed at the task. I hate to make the new year all about organization but as entrepreneurs and people who like to save money, it’s essential to do a check in once in a while. So, on a scale of one to ten (with one being bad shape), where would you say you are in being organized? Right now I think…

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    Starting an Online Business in 2021?

    Working from home running your own business… Does it sound like just a dream or something you seriously want to put into action this year? Angela Wills has put together a new class that can help you get started and it’s called the Online Business Masterclass. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things you’ll learn- What kind of things can you offer for sale. How to decide what to sell. Getting a domain name, hosting and a website setup (simple start). Ways to build your audience / community so you have people to sell to. Easy ways to set up products for sale. Actions to take and habits…

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