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What’s on Sale?-March

I thought we’d bring back an old feature that used to be here on Budget Smart Girl.

At the beginning of each Month, I’ll be posting a list of things that are usually on sale that month. I say ‘usually’ because things can change. For example, maybe there’s an oversupply of something and it will go on sale every month.

Here’s the list I came up with for this month-

March means St. Patrick Day so think foods like potatoes, corned beef and cabbage and also soda bread. These items are on sale all month but I think you’ll find bigger discounts after March 17th

March is also frozen food month so it’s a great time to fill up the freezer. And as a side note, if you have space and some extra money, invest in a chest freezer for times just like these when you come across bargain buys.

And we’re in the middle of Lent which means fish and seafood are also on sale. Another great month for stocking up on fish…some of which can be expensive and this is the only time it gets discounted.

Easter is coming up and you can often find deals on eggs.

March means spring and us shedding our winter clothes, jackets, sweaters, scarves and that means stores need to clear their stock to make way for all the summer stuff.

The end of snow and cold weather also means snow blowers and shovels…think clearing snow and ice, go on sale.

And finally, you might find discounts on lingering Valentine Day items, cards, and anything red and white.

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