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The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Making the Most of Your Clothing Budget

I hope you enjoyed Kathryn Finney’s tips on how to recession proof your wardrobe. And here are some tips that have always worked for me-

Kathryn mentioned buying basic items like white blouses and black pants. I’ve found some of the best deals at the following places-

Chadwick’s www.chadwicks.com. I love perusing their catalog. It gives me plenty of ideas about what’s in style and best of all, none of their items are expensive. If you’re looking for blouses, check out this link www.chadwicks.com/1/5/index253.html

Another place to check out is Target, visit your local store or shop online www.target.com. One thing I like about Target is they have designer names at prices any Budget Smart Girl can afford.

And if you’re shopping for pants, try www.nyandcompany.com, right now they have a buy one, get one half off sale going on.

Another online store to check out is www.fashionbug.com. Once again lots of stuff is on sale.

Okay, it might be a bit boring, but if you stick with black, brown and navy, it always looks like you paid more for your clothes than you actually did. Next time you’re in a store and there’s more than one color, take the test. Hold up the item in black, and hold up that same item in say red and you’ll see what I mean.

Look After Your Investment
Now more than ever, whatever we buy, whether it’s a washing machine or a new dress, it’s got to last. And just like a big ticket item, the more you take care of it, the more you’ll get for your investment. Does the item really need washing after every time you wear it? Did you even bother to read the washing instructions? How about the loose button or the snag on the sweater? Check out problems before they get to the point where you have to just toss the item away.

Consignment Shops
Yes, you can get some great buys here. I’m hearing that sales are increasing in these types of stores, so I wouldn’t be too surprised to see prices also increasing. Maybe you’ve got some clothes you no longer want and the consignment shop with give you in store credit instead of cash. It’s a way to get a whole new wardrobe, basically for free.

Swap Parties
How about getting together with family, friends, co-workers and having a swap clothing party. Maybe there wasn’t so much enthusiasm before, but now with the economy sliding, you’ll probably get more interest. Everyone’s always got something they no longer want.

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