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June Round-Up-Gardening and a Money Saving Podcast

The end of June, and just like that, half the year gone. How is your year going so far? Met your goals, still have ones that you need to focus on?

I began the month planting a garden, so far things are looking good. I’ve also done a lot of canning. I made jams, and for the first time, tried pressure canning.

Speaking of which, I purchased a digital pressure canner because I thought it was the best place to start the whole pressure canning experience. I was thinking about doing a review of products here at Budget Smart Girl, but then thought about my cooking site…I’m ashamed to say it’s been unattended for way too long. I’ve been thinking about what direction I want to take it, and my idea is to have it as more of a review site, reviews of cooking related products and reviews of recipes I’ve tried. Maybe even some gardening and canning related stuff thrown in there too. So, my first review will be the pressure canner. I’ll let you know when it posts but in the meantime if you want to check out the site it’s www.cookinggrubhub.com.

I love to listen to both music and podcasts while I work and one podcast I’ve enjoyed this month is Eight Frugal Minutes. Short money saving tips from host Jodi Jill. If you want to check it out here’s the web site https://eightfrugalminutes.com/

And finally, don’t forget the deal for the Essential Content Creation Toolbox ends soon so don’t miss out

Here’s the link and yes, it’s my affiliate one so I will be compensated if you decide to buy it.


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