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    June Round-Up-Gardening and a Money Saving Podcast

    The end of June, and just like that, half the year gone. How is your year going so far? Met your goals, still have ones that you need to focus on? I began the month planting a garden, so far things are looking good. I’ve also done a lot of canning. I made jams, and for the first time, tried pressure canning. Speaking of which, I purchased a digital pressure canner because I thought it was the best place to start the whole pressure canning experience. I was thinking about doing a review of products here at Budget Smart Girl, but then thought about my cooking site…I’m ashamed to say…

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    Preserving Food Saves Money and it’s not all about canning

    One thing I love about summer is going to the store and picking up bargains that I can preserve for later use when prices go up (as we all know they will). While I do lots of canning there are other ways I put these items to good use- One way is my drying it and yes, I’ll give a little shameless promotion here. I co-authored a book called The Essential Dehydrator and while some of its focus is on how to dry foods, it contains lots of gourmet recipes using dried foods. Just this week I dried six pounds of onions and the thing I like best is I…

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