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Have you thought about helping other entrepreneurs as a way to make money?

Afraid you’re competing with too many entrepreneurs?

There’s a silver lining…

We’ve talked about possible future ideas for businesses. We’re going to see lots more people start businesses or at least look for side hustles. It’s easy to think, everyone’s doing that and I can’t compete but there’s a plus to so many people suddenly being self employed.

I speak from experience when I say we can’t possibly do it all. We need help, even if it’s not on a daily basis, there are times when our time is short or our expertise doesn’t match up to the skill we need to get the job done.

That’s where you come in.

Think about the skills and experience you have. Even think about what you love to do and wouldn’t mind getting paid to help someone else.

It could be you love talking to people on the phone so you could set up your own call center for a whole bunch of entrepreneurs. Taking messages, even making it look like they have their own assistant.

And how about being a personal assistant to an entrepreneur? Looking up data, adding posts to sites…

Or maybe you have a background as a tax expert and can help with bookkeeping or even filing sales tax returns

The list is endless so do some brainstorming.

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