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Put on Your Future Thinking Hat

What goods and services will people need in the next decade?

Getting ahead with both your money and business always comes down to thinking ahead.

Let’s jump back just ten years and think about all the things that weren’t around then but are commonplace today. The people who made money from them put on their future thinking hat and now it’s your turn to do that too.

Sit down, brainstorm for 15 minutes or more and think about where you think culture, society, and technology is heading in the next decade.

What are people going to need? Maybe people have gotten used to spending more time at home and looking to upgrade their home and yard. Could be that they now enjoy having food from local restaurants dropped off on their door step.

How about learning and education? Do you think we’ll eventually all learn everything online?

Jobs. They say AI will gradually take over and many jobs will be lost. What services and what education will people need to help them with this transition?

You can even think ahead to what the financial world is going to look like. Inflation, maybe? Shortages? Will interest rates remain low?

Think ahead and you’ll always stay ahead.

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