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Last Day To Buy Your Content Creation Collection Toolbox and More Ways to Use the Content

Yesterday, I posed three tips on using the content you’ll find in the spring version of the Toolbox that’s currently on sale.

Here are a few more ideas-

Create a Class

People love learning new skills and gaining knowledge and it’s also a great way to pull in an audience. Problem is what do you teach? Putting together a class can also be time consuming…believe me when I say I speak from experience. But what if you could sort through a bunch of content and pull similar topics together and have ‘sort of’ a ready made class? Looking through the list of content in this toolbox, I see lots of opportunities to do just that. Like growing a mail list or creating the business you love.

Don’t Just Think Print and Posts

I probably don’t have to tell you that people’s lives are getting busier. There’s only so much we can pack into one day and only so much we can read. Listening to content has become a favored alternative. In fact, audio books are the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry. Why not turn the content into recorded version and have your subscribers listen rather than read?

Think Visual

I know lots of people who make decent money selling graphics like digital papers on various web sites. Not sure where to get started or don’t have any graphic skills? There are lots of graphics offered in this toolbox and many of them have PLR rights. Sell them as is or add your own spin and turn them into something else to give you that all essential competitive edge.

I hope these give you some idea about all the great things you can do with the toolbox content and ways you can start making money.

The sale ends today, March 17th at Midnight PST. It’s $39.95 and you’ll have until June 30th to download whichever goodies you want. So if you can’t decide what you’d like, you’ve got plenty of time to browse the list.

Here’s the link again and full disclosure, it’s my affiliate one and I will get compensated if you buy this toolkit using it

I’d love to hear if you bought the toolbox, how you used or plan to use the content. If you started a business or store, you’re welcome to contact me so you can be featured here at Budget Smart Girl

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