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Tips for Using PLR and Purchased Content

Did you buy the spring toolkit last week and wondering what you can do with all the wonderful products you’ve downloaded?

Here are three ideas for putting them to good use-

Combine Them

Have a bunch of planners and like pages from both product one and product two? How about merging the two to create a planner just for you (or if both products have PLR), selling them to your customers. Customize it to your own needs or those of your customers.

For things like articles, how about combining them and even creating a giveaway for your audience.

Your Own Take

I often take a basic idea and then put my own spin on it. It gives it your own stamp of personality and you can target it your audience’s needs and wants.

For example, say you’re a life coach and you find a great article on motivation but it doesn’t quite read the way you think will help your particular audience. Use the article as an outline with key points and write it so it feels like it’s specifically speaks to your own clients.

Share an Experience

There’s nothing better than sharing your own experience with your audience…been there, done that, sort of moment.

Use the PLR article but add your own story to it. Maybe it’s about weight loss and you could tell your subscribers how you struggled for years to find a weight loss program that worked. Or maybe it’s an article about staying focused and you add your own story and what finally allowed you to see a project through to its conclusion.

I’ll share some more ideas tomorrow but in the meantime if you still haven’t purchased the toolkit or missed last week’s post about it, here’s the link again. It’s just $39.95 and if you bought all the contents individually, you’d pay a lot more so it’s a great deal.

And full disclosure, it’s my affiliate one and I will be compensated.

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