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Let’s Get Organized

Have lots of projects going on and not sure which one to tackle first? Have a to do list that’s getting out of control?

Yesterday, I realized even though I’d spent the previous two weeks getting organized (or should I add the word thought in front of getting), I failed at the task.

I hate to make the new year all about organization but as entrepreneurs and people who like to save money, it’s essential to do a check in once in a while.

So, on a scale of one to ten (with one being bad shape), where would you say you are in being organized?

Right now I think I’m at a five when I thought it was more like an eight.

Today after I write my post to my writing site, I’m tackling the organization beast head on. Folders created on my desktop containing everything I need for a certain project. Getting on to do list folder for January cleaned up and anything that doesn’t belong there gets tossed out. Meal planning folder set up and ideas for meals for the rest of the month along with grocery lists. Setting up a central folder (a physical one), with to do list and resources as I find them.

And another thing I’m doing is each time I work on something, I back it up on a drive for those worst case scenarios . The other day I was chatting with a former student who told me she lost her entire first draft of her novel when her computer crashed. It happens more than you’d think so every day make sure you back up whatever you’ve been working on.

How about you? Could your day be made a little easier by spending a day getting organized? Could you get projects done faster? Would you even save money somewhere down the road?

Take a step back and see what you can do to simplify and streamline both your business and life.

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