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    The Blog-Cooking for the Month

    One thing being busy teaches you is to be prepared. Last week I was really grateful that I’d planned ahead about what to make for dinner.  Some items I’ve been relying on when time’s been short are frozen vegetables and yes, I hate to admit this but one night I wanted to make mashed potatoes and couldn’t muster up the energy to peel them, wait for them to cook and then mash them. My answer, instant mashed pototoes. I always keep a few packets of the Idahoan brand in the pantry and have to say with some milk, pepper and butter or low fat spread added, they taste close to the real…

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    The Blog-Grocery Challenge

    Each time I get asked what are my favorite money saving tips, one thing that always makes it to the list is a subscription to All You magazine. The June issue arrived in my mailbox last week with more great coupons and tips. I was going to put this in the newsletter but thought I’d tell you about it here The Second Annual All You Grocery Challenge Contest. You signup at www.allyou.com/grocerychallenge. The contest runs from June 20-July 17th. The goal is to spend $25 or less per family member per week on groceries during this four week period. Winner gets $1,000. They’ll also have a blog with money saving…

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    The Blog-Are Prices Going Up?

    Have you noticed food prices have crept up since the holidays? I was just checking out the local supermarket flyer and noticed what used to be buy 2 for $4 is 2 now $5 or 6. Glad I stocked up during the holidays. One of things on my to do list this year is to check out Aldi supermarkets. I know I’ve been saying this for over a year, but one of these days I’m really going to shop there. If you’re wondering how the Aerogarden is going… a few days ago I noticed the first shoots starting to appear. The basil seems to be growing the fastest. I’m already…

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