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Learn Something New To Both Make and Save Money

Want to do something that could possibly make and save you money at the same time?

My late mother often pointed out that since childhood I’d always enjoyed reading and learning new things. I don’t know if the yearning to learn is something you’re born with or not, but it can save you money, and yes, make you money to.

On the saving side, there’s learning new skills that you can use around the house, like fixing a leaky faucet, upholstering a chair, even something as simple as learning how to can foods. These might sound like simple things but over the course of a year think about all the service calls you make for someone to come in a fix something. Or the ready made foods you buy when you could be making your own? Add it all up and it starts to make a dent in the budget.

On the making money side of the coin. Think about new skills you could learn to turn into a better paying career or better yet, starting your own business. Maybe learning graphic design or illustration. Learning how to code. Learning how to teach.

The best thing about being a lifelong learner in today’s world, is it’s accessible and sometimes free. I’ve lost count the times I’ve turned to YouTube to learn how to do something whether it be related to self publishing or fixing something in the house. Just about everyone and every school offers some type of online class. Some of them are even free. Just Google free online courses and see what comes up. You might stumble across something you never dreamed about doing.

I was thinking about putting together a learn some new month for us here at BSG. I was considering launching it next month but when I looked at my schedule it’s already full so how about we aim for November? 30 Days where each day, we’ll challenge ourselves to learn something new. I’ll post everyday and tell you what your task of the day will be.

Sound good, have any suggestions? e-mail me at

And if you are looking for a new challenge you mind find it in one of the many products in the Check Us Out sale (hint-hint-learning to write a non fiction book in 30 days. November has 30 days!)

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