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    Money Challenge-Day Four-Non-Food Leftovers

    Yesterday our challenge focused on food leftovers so today we’ll turn our attention to non-food leftovers. Empty jars, clothes that have seen better days, inner rolls of paper towels etc. Be of the mindset that everything can have a second life. Today take something that you’d usually just throw away and see what you can do with it. Maybe it’s something that you can use for storage and hence you’ll save money because you don’t have to buy storage jars. It could even be something you’ll make into a craft that you’ll one day sell for extra income. Today is your chance to think outside the box. ‘See’ you again…

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    Learn Something New To Both Make and Save Money

    Want to do something that could possibly make and save you money at the same time? My late mother often pointed out that since childhood I’d always enjoyed reading and learning new things. I don’t know if the yearning to learn is something you’re born with or not, but it can save you money, and yes, make you money to. On the saving side, there’s learning new skills that you can use around the house, like fixing a leaky faucet, upholstering a chair, even something as simple as learning how to can foods. These might sound like simple things but over the course of a year think about all the…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Garage Sales

    It’s garage sale season again. You might be the buyer or even the one holding the sale. Either way, here are some tips for successful bargain hunting or selling. For the Buyer Scout the Papers Most people place ads in their local newspapers the week before their actual sale date. This gives you plenty of time to look through the listings and see what’s being offered and if it’s even worth the drive to the neighborhood. If anything does catch your eye, make a note and plan your route starting with the most promising sale first. Don’t Impulse Buy I’ve done this myself and it’s tempting…buying items you don’t really…

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    What Do Those Food Labels Really Mean?

    When you shop for groceries do you ever take the time to read the label before you put an item into your cart? With food prices going sky high it’s more important than ever to get the best return for your food dollar. Food labels aren’t always the easiest things to figure out, but be sure to check out the following- Just The Facts The Nutrition Facts section on a product is easy to spot. It’s usually enclosed in a box and tells you what a serving size is, plus, things like the number of calories, sodium, cholesterol, etc. You’ll also find information about vitamin and mineral content. So how…

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