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    Friday Round Up-Hello April

    It’s April. Three months behind us, nine more to go. What are you plans? Set any news goals? The end of one quarter and the beginning of the next is a great time to sit down and go through your list of things you want to achieve whether it’s losing weight or launching a business. Are you thinking about taking a class to learn a new skill maybe? You’ve heard me mention Skillshare many times. I’ve been teaching writing classes there for about four years. And it’s not just writing classes they offer but topics like design, blogging, photography, entrepreneurship, and I could go on and on about all the…

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    Master Content Creation & Increasing Your Content Output

    Yes, it’s that exciting time of the year again? It’s the spring toolbox kit deal. Once again April has put together…I think it’s the best one yet, a toolkit that contains some of the best products I’ve seen. Lots of PLR content for your site or to help you grow your mailing list. Coloring pages, journals, courses, and even some gift cards. I can’t wait to check them all out. The best thing is if you bought them individually, you’d break the budget but starting today and ending on March 17th, you can get a whole bunch of these goodies for just $39,95. Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll…

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    Friday Ramblings-Caught Up On the January To Do List

    It’s the last Ramblings of the month. This week, I finally caught up on my January to do list. Yesterday, I recorded messages for the new self paced classes I created this month. One is for writing short stories, the other, writing a romance novel. I’ll be uploading them to my writing site later today. Hopefully, all will go well. Would you like to see them added to the BSG store too? I know lots of people dream about writing even if they never have any intention of making a living at it. So if you do have an interest, feel free to e-mail me at budgetsmartqueries@gmail.com My goal is…

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    Think Outside the Box

    Same products, same pitch, same this and that… Every week, I spend a few hours searching online to see what’s being offered, whether it be classes, coaching, or products. I search Amazon, Etsy, to name a few. I also receive about ten e-mails a day from people selling things like classes and software. Guess what? I’d say 99% of both my own searches and the ones that fall into my e-mail, are selling the same type of thing or service. They even have the same sales pitch encouraging me to buy the product. I don’t have to tell you that these are tough times we’re living through. What was an…

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    Starting an Online Business in 2021?

    Working from home running your own business… Does it sound like just a dream or something you seriously want to put into action this year? Angela Wills has put together a new class that can help you get started and it’s called the Online Business Masterclass. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things you’ll learn- What kind of things can you offer for sale. How to decide what to sell. Getting a domain name, hosting and a website setup (simple start). Ways to build your audience / community so you have people to sell to. Easy ways to set up products for sale. Actions to take and habits…

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  • Friday Ramblings

    Friday Ramblings-The First One of 2021

    The First of my Friday Ramblings of 2021. How did your first full week of this new year turn out? Getting back into the swing of things was tough at the beginning on Monday and Tuesday, but I’m gradually working to my usual schedule. This week my focus was on tackling the first class I’ll be recording and uploading to my writing sites. (And yes, I did get This Writer’s Life switched over from WordPress.com to WordPress.org without any major issues!). Still lots I want to tweak with the site but at least it’s up and running. The classes will slowly be added there over the coming months. The first…

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    Friday Ramblings-Countdown to Christmas

    Hope you’ve had a good and productive week. I’m slowly getting ready for my Christmas break. I’ll be posting next week and finishing with a Friday Ramblings and won’t post again until January 5th when we’ll launch into a new year with more Monday Motivation. One thing I forgot to add to the list of things I have planned for BSG next year is monthly challenges. I thought about a January one, but there’s something about plunging straight into some new right after the holidays that spells failure. So, our first challenge of the year will be in February and will be a money mindset challenge. So, what will I…

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    Black Friday Freebie

    Angela Wills decided to break the “rules” this year and make her Black Friday offer totally FREE! How’s that for an awesome deal? She’s got a $100 course that you can access called Digital Product Creation 101. Just use the link and coupon code below! Here’s what the course covers in short, bite-size video training (these can be watched in double or triple speed if you’re a binge learner ): Decide Your Product Format Setup Product for Sale Create Product in Shopping Cart Create Your Salespage Outline Your Product Gather Product Creation Tools Create Your Product Angela has a knack for teaching things in a simple, effect way so I…

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    Friday Ramblings-Checking The To Do List

    I’m almost done with my to do list for the week. I promised myself the days of working beyond 5 p.m. and weekends were behind me, but sometimes you have to push yourself just a little more. I’ve told myself that this afternoon I’ll sit down and finish working on the final product for my Black Friday Sale. Once it’s done, then I’m going to find something fun to watch and relax. Next week, I want to put the finishing touches to all three products, do final edits for my WIP, and work on my 2021 goals. How about you? Set any goals for the new year yet? Sometimes the…

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    What Did You Learn Last Week?

    Week two of learn something new each day. Following along? It’s not too late to start. In fact, my motto is it’s never too late to start anything. If you have been following along, do you want to share with us what new skills or knowledge you’ve acquired? Last week, I focused on learning how to make homemade shampoo bars…love those things but the price is high. I also watched a tutorial on making your own air fresheners, and one on making lip balm. Also, on my list was making mug cakes. I love baking but I have to be honest if I make a whole cake, it’s a too…

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