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Life Events Come First

Yesterday I was supposed to write a post. I was also supposed to promote the Check Us Out Sale.

Neither of those things got done because it was a case that life events come first and take priority.

Yesterday, I had to make the decision every pet owner dreads. My 22 year old tabby cat was giving me every sign that his journey was drawing to a close. I decided on a home visit from a vet was the way to go but they didn’t have an appointment until mid-afternoon. While I didn’t want to see him suffer for longer than necessary, this late appointment gave me a chance to spend our last hours together and to step away from all things business. I didn’t write, I didn’t check e-mails until the evening and it reminded me that family and life events should always come first.

He’d been my constant companion, a dear friend, and sometimes I joked and called him my business consultant. He was there beside me when I started my freelance venture and I’m grateful for the wonderful 22 years I got to enjoy with him. The end of our adventure together seemed so fitting because he passed peacefully on my lap while I sat in a chair that had over the years, been a favorite for both of us.

I haven’t been monitoring the check us out sale, but I have seen orders coming in for my product so thank you so much for purchasing it. I’d love to hear about the non-fiction books you plan write. And when they get published let me know and I’ll promote them here.

Just in case you missed the link for all the products, here it is again (and full disclosure it’s my affiliate one and I will be compensated for anything you buy using it)

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