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Affiliate Marketing For Passive Income


I’m a huge fan of passive income, work on it once, reap the rewards (aka money), later…sometimes forever!

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make passive income.

You know I love anything that Angela of Laptop University creates and this time, she’s come up with Affiliate Marketing Profit-Boosters to show you how she’s made money through affiliate marketing and easy ways for you to be successful too. It’s usually $47 but with the coupon she’s provided, it’s just $17.

I hope you’ll check it out, here’s the link (and yes, full disclosure, if you sign up I get affiliate commission… see how easy affiliate marketing works?)

And before you dive into this great program, Angela has kindly let us affiliates share 5 of her best marketing tips with our own audience-

1. Add a “tools I use” page to your website. Link to that page whenever it’s relevant (in emails, on social media, when talking to client). Create a PDF of it and use it as a lead-generator. People want to know what tools you use!

2. Go to any products or programs or services you are selling right now and look for anything you’re ALREADY recommending. Did you include an affiliate link? Or, if you’re not recommending anything what can you add to that training that will add value and earn you commissions. Teach them how to use it and link to it with your affiliate link.

3. Review a product – Use a video, Facebook Live, a blog post, social media posts or any/all methods you have available to you. Be honest! If there’s something you don’t like about it, share that, too.

4. Copy something you’ve already done. If you’re an affiliate already this is so quick and easy! Copy something that already made you money. Go look through your email account and see what you promoted a year or so ago that made you money. Copy those emails and promote it again!

5. Run a Facebook Challenge. Create a popup Facebook group to promote an affiliate program. I did this very successful and quickly earned $500 in affiliate commissions on a $7 product. I just told people to be part of the challenge they had to buy the product and I’d add them to the affiliate group. The product was the challenge curriculum!

Ok those are a start. I dive into much more detail on them, some with quick videos, in my task-based program. You choose the tasks that work for you, you do them, you watch your affiliate marketing boost

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