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Working From Home-Tips on Being Productive

Working from home…I know it’s sometimes a scary thought when you’ve been used to being in an office most of your life.

Lots of people are now working from home this week, many not by choice, but it’s probably the new reality for a few weeks or maybe more, so I thought I’d put together some tips on ways I’ve found to be most productive over my 20 years of working from home.

Plan Out Your Day

There’s nothing worse than waking up, turning on the computer and then sitting wondering what to do next. Some of you might have work planned out by your company while others might be thinking about where do I start now I don’t have someone standing over me telling me what needs to get done.

Write down everything you’d like to get done. I mean everything. In reality it’s not all going to be achieved in a day, but it can make it easier to prioritize your day.

What Has to Be Done?

This leads me into tip 2 and that’s look through the list and figure out what has to be done today or else. Maybe it’s returning a client’s call, or updating a database.

Say Goodbye to Distractions

Find a place to work where you’ll have the least distractions. When I set up my first home office, I placed my desk so I was facing the window. I thought it would be great to look outside now and then. However, now and then became most of the time. I ended up having to switch the desk around so I was forced to turn my head in order to look out and that was enough to stop me.

Take Breaks

For some reason, I found myself taking less breaks or no breaks when I began working from home. Be serious about breaks just like you would in an office environment. Get up, stretch your legs, make some tea or grab a glass of water.

Don’t Eat At Your Desk

This was a habit I was doing up until a few years ago. I’d make lunch and eat it while I continued to work. Take that well earned lunch break. If it’s warm enough, go outside and grab some rays of sunshine

Know When To Call It a Day

Another bad habit of mine was working beyond normal working hours. Know when to call it a day just like you do at the office.

Make a List for the Next Day

I found that by planning out what I was going to do the next day took away some of the dread I had once I was working all by myself.

Relax and Rewind

When your work is sitting in your house or even a few feet away, it’s harder to switch off then physically leaving a building. Reward yourself with some binge watching or just taking it easy with some relaxing music.

Most of these tips are aimed at people who suddenly find themselves working from home but they apply just as much to people running their own businesses from home.

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