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    Working From Home-Tips on Being Productive

    Working from home…I know it’s sometimes a scary thought when you’ve been used to being in an office most of your life. Lots of people are now working from home this week, many not by choice, but it’s probably the new reality for a few weeks or maybe more, so I thought I’d put together some tips on ways I’ve found to be most productive over my 20 years of working from home. Plan Out Your Day There’s nothing worse than waking up, turning on the computer and then sitting wondering what to do next. Some of you might have work planned out by your company while others might be…

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  • Wednesday Interviews

    Wednesday Interviews

    All this week, I’m giving you a preview of what will feature on BSG in the coming weeks and months. Every Wednesday there will be an interview with an entrepreneur, someone who’s running a business, maybe working a side gig or even making a living blogging. Each interviewee will get the same set of questions so they can share their advice and tips on what it takes to succeed and even tell us about some of their failures along the way. If you fit the criteria or know someone who does and would like to be featured, I’ve created a sign up form. Just follow the link and pick a…

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